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Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!!! 🦃 🦃🦃 @ Enthusem
#Directmail is boring only if you make it that way. Learn how to make it exciting and truly engaging:
No Snoozefest: How to Bring Excitement to Your #DirectMail – Read the #marketing blog:
“Using a P.S. will help prevent prospects from thinking your email is canned.” Learn to boost your drip campaign:
“Every successful email needs to encourage a reader to take an action.” Which actions are best for drip campaigns?”
Who else is missing sunny San Francisco? ☀️✈️🌉 #TBT #Dreamforce2017 #Dreamfest @ San Francisco…
“One of your main goals [in your drip campaign] should be to get people to anticipate what you’re sending next.”
“If you’re not using [your DELETE button], your contacts will surely be clicking your ‘Unsubscribe’ button.”
“[If you] think there’s room for subtraction [in your #emailmarketing], don’t hesitate to wear out your DELETE key.”
“Segment your contact list to target specific behaviors or groups in order to build [more personal content]”
RT @angelamedlar: Big shoutout to @SFPD for keeping us all safe during #Dreamforce2017
“Consumers are smart. We can tell when you’re broadcasting a general message to hundreds or millions of people.”
“Tl;dr isn’t a popular acronym for nothing. If it’s ‘too long,’ they ‘didn’t read’” – Learn to enhance your emails:
The magician 🎩 at @codescience blew our minds 🤯 AMAZING!!!!! #Dreamforce2017
Thank you @Talkdesk for inviting us to your happy hour #Dreamforce2017
RT @angelamedlar: If you’re not looking into #ai you’re already behind! #Einstein #EinsteinAnalytics #Dreamforce2017
Come to our booth #1973 everyday to see what memes are in our shirts 👚 #Dreamforce2017…
Edible wall of Thin Mints?! #thinmints @girlscouts #Dreamforce2017
“If you feel the need to use a lot of copy or detail [in your emails] to demonstrate your’re wrong.”
@LennyKravitz and @aliciakeys we’re on 🔥 last night! #Dreamforce2017

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