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I quit email for the same reason. I rarely log into FB anymore. They make it addictive for a reason..to keep you t…http://t.co/jRMRCyUIt5
Wonder if it's really worth it to mediate your divorce case? Think the other side won't settle. You aren't alone. http://t.co/qATgIoB284
"How Successful People Stay Calm" by @Emotional_iQ_2 on @LinkedIn http://t.co/wD8yOgTaKd
All the reason you needed to have more sex with your spouse now. http://t.co/Tpf1wMBfDz
Our most popular blog post from last week is one should I file for divorce first and does it matter? http://t.co/JSU63sfftH
@AlaskaAir Thx for the link..Good to show DL they aren't Seattle's airline and never will be... Gimmie more flights between dfw and sea!
#iflyalaska great service on last night's flight out of sea to Ord. Give me 4 flights a day between dfw and sea please!
#lifetimeban by #NBA commissioner On Sterling was right call. Good riddance. Now sell team to Hansen. Hello Seattle Supersonics! Go #Sonics
World's slowest #Starbucks at SeaTac airport n gates. My plane is boarding but I got to have my coffee! http://t.co/FC83F5RtE7
I really don't like interruptions. Adobe flash update popup, Firefox updates, outlook email, please go away and stop interrupting my work!
Beware of what you wish for. http://t.co/ws0PasyXZ4
Second day of student loan law complete, big shout out to Walt Williams. Happy birthday Walt! I'm thinking about you!
You can't teach work ethic.
#Sooners Bob Stoops ruined my day! It's obvious OU didn't show up today. Until next year!
Only in America-Congress thinks defaulting on debt & destroying the country is better than paying our bills. How did we elect these morons?
You can't teach ambition.
Big Brother is out?
Just spent a great day learning from a master of business ops and marketing.
Maria Jones has taught me the power of delegation.
Interview tip for admin jobs: don't tell employer you don't like repetitive tasks, you like to gossip. and you hang up on bad clients.

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Divorce and Bankruptcy Attorney, Author, Wanna be pilot, and father to great kids. Also Political, NBA, Reality TV, and Marketing Conference junkie.

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