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Amazon is hiring developers for its first PC game http://t.co/EKWBX7f9V3 http://t.co/ReKIR4az4Z
Netflix is coming to Spain, Italy and Portugal in October http://t.co/G6vFtFAi7T http://t.co/5RLqO71M28
Investigate a murder mystery this weekend with 'Jenny LeClue' http://t.co/1CF8bHVo4M http://t.co/finOqnPiJs
'Final Fantasy Tactics' hits Android http://t.co/xgdr7BvAQm http://t.co/IcfUD60OwX
Twitch is planning a ton of live video coverage from E3 2015 http://t.co/6odhWE0wXO http://t.co/00wPGwumoi
The one-cable future of gadgets: simpler, but still confusing http://t.co/1HBcHcCgAc http://t.co/rzS9quxAyb
1TB Xbox One with new controller spotted on Amazon http://t.co/0SezWsxCGh http://t.co/CnRwBsIZ65
Amazon's Fire TV is a hit among US consumers, says report http://t.co/7o4MwbxgYm http://t.co/4OqvHIZ1Bm
Gaming hall of fame inducts 'Pong,' 'Tetris' and other classics http://t.co/UoAbUsyXaw http://t.co/T7xydU3RxF
Going Android: How Nintendo could learn from Amazon http://t.co/wrSw6Yeeis http://t.co/IDFXAiLLtn
Poke monster heads and solve puzzles in VR with 'GNOG' on PS4 http://t.co/u5ntJyI67g http://t.co/U9AXS4Qcho
Sling TV launches a standalone service for Latinos http://t.co/gN2kC8wPp6 http://t.co/4UzkxzNJVi
ESPN's X Games to use GoPro footage during live broadcasts http://t.co/4e6UzOFRZd http://t.co/JRTAYjWp9t
You can order the first official Steam Machines starting today http://t.co/Rzs9SZ9FXy http://t.co/FCSIZ4GfIO
Drugs and dystopia in 1960s England: 'We Happy Few' hits Kickstarter http://t.co/ZLGaEw2QVZ http://t.co/TefKjAMMg2
JXE Streams: Blending 'Advance Wars' and 'Hearthstone' in 'Duelyst' http://t.co/Zk04DBcAEG http://t.co/iLuB9Jqmeg
'Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection' brings Naughty Dog's trilogy to PS4 http://t.co/Sijkz2qrkk http://t.co/5S1NShROaA
'Battleborn' has the trappings of a modern shooter and more http://t.co/JBjTWEt612 http://t.co/kJbiPjN22M
WSJ: Dish Network and T-Mobile are talking merger http://t.co/HXIqIYVSKC http://t.co/RyTSNID328

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