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Photo: Clouds and blooms across Michigan Ave and Millennium Park http://t.co/d73vQSVdJt
3/26/15 http://t.co/NcxFoTJcE5
Photo: http://t.co/L6AJ7Fmppb
@cta Why is the Blue Line service so infrequent today? It's rush hour: run more trains. This poor service, day after day, is inexcusable.
I recommend to visit the site! http://t.co/gkYfGd3PDy
Not loving the 3 hr delay due to mechanical issues on my flight to Chi. I'm disappointed, @SouthwestAir - you're usually such rock stars! :(
@Paralympic 3rd try: Please confirm if/when video of the Opening Ceremony will be posted on your site for US viewers who CAN'T watch it LIVE
@Paralympic (Sorry for the multiple tweets, but I can't plan an after-work watching party with 20+ people if there's no video to watch!) :(
@Paralympic Can you confirm if and when video of the Opening Ceremony will be available on your site for those who CAN'T watch it LIVE?
@Paralympic thanks! I'm assuming that if we can also retrieve video of the Opening Ceremony after it happens in case we can't view live?
@Paralympic Can you confirm which networks will carry the Paralympic Opening Ceremony on TV in the US? I want to have a watching party!
Ethical Style: Where Do My Used Clothes Go? - Should carting our discarded clothes off to Goodwill make us... http://t.co/ED0kj9Ag
p.s. no, I'm not getting married. but my amazing cousin is! :)
many apologies to anyone who follows my tweets (aka mi amor @cadieg!)... bridal veil spam = etsy-to-twitter RSS direct feed FAIL. :(
Bridal Veil, Wedding Veil, Birdcage Veil -- Hannah's Veil -- Seen in STYLE ME PRETTY Blog by... http://t.co/Pb4eOJoe
@enargia 122915 advocacy for the issues that matter to me!
Photo: On the Rue Blomet in Paris http://t.co/jNLeYwC
@djwesto it's OK - in 2 days you'll have another shot to get FF right! :)
Photo: Chiseled mural near Brick Lane http://t.co/VU8Vawe
@djwesto - per our conversation at lunch ;) http://t.co/FTdirM7

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creative and independent, w/a penchant for music, reproductive health studies, and delicious food; i also aim to save the world one birth control pill at a time

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