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Marked as to-read: The Magicians by Lev Grossman https://t.co/jqcKIKiiSd
I have decided to utilize only my @eheinlen profile at this time. As such, please follow that profile for updated information. Thank you.
Marked as to-read: Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach https://t.co/fZ5YAZP5Eq
You can now take a grammar class on Khan Academy!... https://t.co/fSCKk9PH4k
Always remember to check that you are using the correct word. https://t.co/cB1xySB7Qf
Commas with Adjectives https://t.co/HYNsKdw3G3 https://t.co/jekr1IskOP
There seems to be an issue with the way PDFs are loading on my website. My webmaster is looking into it &, hopefully, it will be fixed soon.
Please note that I will be on vacation and unavailable for emergency projects October 17-23. Thank you.
Terribly written headline https://t.co/KlCB6cjeEg
Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out https://t.co/TdYL8ebFPg via @IdealistCareers
My resume has been updated on my website: https://t.co/1LmHjS5CHg.
I edited a 183 page dissertation today.
Marked as to-read: The House of Secrets by Brad Meltzer https://t.co/HKHSMrhZJa
Marked as to-read: Born of Legend by Sherrilyn Kenyon https://t.co/ESfZWwr4BU
Marked as to-read: Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger https://t.co/wOBSabHeUP
Pull-ups should consider rewording this subject line. https://t.co/vE7MQVPsGR
How do you report on an awards show and not know who the performers are? Thanks Scott Adkins for this pic! https://t.co/aTYB6BwqHc
According to Goodreads, I've written 586 reviews since joining Goodreads on January 11th, 2010 and I'm one of the... https://t.co/E1MO1hHwKi

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I have been a freelance editor for over 5 years & specialize in e-books, college research papers, dissertations, theses, poetry and fiction & non-fiction books.

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