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@DamianFog @Jess_Caldwell @EmerMofficial @CIConnect I'm writing up a summary of the event now, Damian, and it shoul… https://t.co/DsGGM4M2Sz
There are 3 uplifting stories of new cancer technologies on the TechWatch blog right now - check if out if you're af…https://t.co/rHTUIFkKyH
Great job @Jess_Caldwell - tonight's #4IRC has been super interesting. Great hosting, @EmerMofficial! Well done… https://t.co/N4vstKz2fF
RT @PEdgar15: Discovering the future of precision medicine @CIConnect #4IRC event https://t.co/4a54jaKoaN
"Competition in academia holds back the concept of 'team science' and a multidisciplinary approach" -Prof Richard K… https://t.co/0kO1dDoZL0
At @theormeaubaths for what promises to be an awesome #4irc event on Precision Medicine.
RT @CIConnect: If you are at tonight’s #4IRC Precision Medicine debate, be sure to stick your questions/comments to the knowledge wall @the…
I'm particularly excited about this article on CV6 Therapeutics, because their next generation cancer drug could sav…https://t.co/wYGu0L6Haq
https://t.co/NB4BgbPLaN Cancer has a new enemy, raised in a pristine lab on the campus of @QUBelfast via… https://t.co/FtyMKs7WZo
RT @QUBelfast: Fed up queueing at the bar? #KegoMatic is a QUB student invention designed to help cut waiting times: https://t.co/Dt2ZiQv…
RT @QUBelfast: QUB spinout's system delivers drug to targeted area avoiding healthy tissue. Read more about @PhionTx: https://t.co/HrrnGbS…
RT @CIConnect: The announcement we've all been waiting for... The winner of #Invent2017 is @PhionTx https://t.co/cCMuAJLEX8
RT @flypigahoy: At #invent2017. The stage isn't on fire, they're curtains. https://t.co/C0ilx0aAiw
@TraversSarah @CIConnect @BBCnireland @ETriplevision @StephenNolan @EamonnHolmes @bespoke_comms @deirdreheenan… https://t.co/POLfjBktfA
RT @securebroadcast: Amazing to hear that 50% of finalists tonight at #invent2017 are female led! #diversity
RT @MulvennaTony: 50% of tonight's finalists at #invent2017 are female - way to go Northern Ireland women!! @CIConnect
@PEdgar15 @CIConnect @CatalystIncHQ @Y_Influencers @BankofInvention @ShapersBelfast @JCIBelfast Your tears are reme… https://t.co/dGXmYOsTNd
RT @PEdgar15: Excited to find out who wins @CIConnect #Invent2017 finals. Winner is announced tonight in Belfast! https://t.co/DiG3pRE1ow
"Win or learn" and "fail fast and fail cheap" are key to James Leckey's success. Innovation Founder 2017 at #invent2017. So inspiring
RT @vsltd: Taking our places for #Invent2017, the second event we've attended at the waterfront and it's looking fantastic. https://t.co/5O…

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