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RT @devincx: People who attack others while cloaked in anonymity are cowards. #StopGamerGate2014
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@darsula7 http://t.co/o0hk8MFl5W
Transition your blond with these tips- "Sunsets on Blond" blogpost teaches you here...http://t.co/8f0VfBbiOb http://t.co/BiKwUtfWq5
@darsula7 painted purple accent walls sunday night! Stop by to see the changes! http://t.co/d6pGFzwaL1
@emersonsalon is excited to be a theatre and performer friendly hair salon. Congrats #tpsnow
@GregoryAwards great job rewarding real theatre talent tonight...cant wait to to see the red carpet photos #TGA14
@GregoryAwards @Sound_Theatre yayyyyyyyy! Congrats teresa thuman and all of sound theatre!
@GregoryAwards @Sound_Theatre congrats for the allison standley win!
@GregoryAwards @ACTtheatre congrats!
@GregoryAwards: Outstanding Actress in a Musical goes to Allison Standley who got her hair cut here last week!
@GregoryAwards @Sound_Theatre yayyyyyyy! @emersonsalon s Stylist D'Arcy just cut her hair! She is fabulous!
@GregoryAwards thanks for the sendup! We are a theatre actor friendly salon! Ask megan ahiers and kate kraay!
RT @GregoryAwards: @emersonsalon that's the most important thing to take away from tonight!
@GregoryAwards #typo lol
Decorations and retail in our reception area! Walk in and book an appointment...www.emersonsalon.com http://t.co/HwlmatlrPT

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Seattle Hair Salon/Barbershop on Capitol Hill. Stop by and visit Emerson Salon

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