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Reduce C++ Build Times by Reducing Header Dependencies | Lattix: https://t.co/FPFaW4rflu via @LattixDSM
3 ways you can #secure your #software, along with the challenges of testing software and training employees #appsec https://t.co/RX3zEo073T
Check out this great blog post: How to cooperate better by regaining and sharing knowledge of the application: https://t.co/XgznWI59z6
@earthhour The Team @emendasoftware will be supporting this #Lightsoff https://t.co/5qJJbzka4U
RT @RogueWaveInc: [Webinar] Programming Languages and Techniques for Today’s Embedded and IoT World REGISTER TODAY. https://t.co/SGpNRmRv…
RT @emendasoftware: #ew17 Team Thank You ⚡️ “Embedded World 2017 - Nuremberg ” by @emendasoftware https://t.co/MPxFUox8Im https://t.co/q6k…
#ew17 Team Thank You ⚡️ “Embedded World 2017 - Nuremberg ” by @emendasoftware https://t.co/MPxFUox8Im https://t.co/q6kH6cYafO
⚡️ “Embedded World 2017 - Nuremberg ” by @emendasoftware https://t.co/MPxFUox8Im https://t.co/tYsjeH6uBP
RT @Laughorse: Great racing with @emendasoftware today! #embeddedworld #ew2017 https://t.co/SzsFRZ9nNw
Goovin @Philips came close to fastest time⚡️ “Embedded World 2017 - Nuremberg ” by @emendasoftware… https://t.co/z0zRy9UwMX
@Philip__OHara The Emenda Team are missing you Phil, hopefully see you next year!
Some great racing happening at #ew17 @SecInnovation @perforce @semiosapp @LattixDSM @SciTools @RogueWaveInc https://t.co/FIRt6Xfyz0
@vasylkozhushko :) So close
Congratulations Johannes! Day 1 #EmbeddedWorld Emenda Racing Champion. https://t.co/MDaGBsBWE2
Johannes Trageser From Willert GMbh with a 6.3! #ew17 https://t.co/3k9Dg3QZsF
More serious contenders! @semiosapp @SecInnovation @SciTools #ew17 https://t.co/7JSQJtWV0D
Race is on @ @perforce @RogueWaveInc @emendasoftware #ew17 https://t.co/pzxnzop5zx
Team spent day building at #ew17 1 day to go! https://t.co/xLvnNdCnHy
I don't care how you get there, just get there if you can ⚡️ “Embedded World 2017 - Nuremberg ” by @emendasoftware… https://t.co/hxRutiN5iR
From England to Germany travelling to #embeddedworld ⚡️ “Embedded World 2017 - Nuremberg ” by @emendasoftware… https://t.co/uZicLrWqvz

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