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RT @cnntech: Duke undergrads and surgeons team up to create 3D printed spinal cages: https://t.co/XepUIpddpe https://t.co/9Cpu3m9G6j
RT @cnntech: The possible deal would be a welcome sales hike for Nike. https://t.co/vu2ybLJyqR
RT @elonmusk: Do want irony on social media?
RT @cnntech: Toshiba is selling off its crown jewels to help recover from billions of dollars in losses https://t.co/6YH9n2XfJK
Trump: 'I just don't want a poor person' in Cabinet - CNN https://t.co/Enqkxzu3F4
RT @WBJonline: .@dcunited has landed $120 million to pay for its share of Audi Field, the $300 million stadium at Buzzard Point https://t.c…
RT @cnntech: While the concept of catfishing is a widespread issue in many countries, it is a particular issue in India. https://t.co/trx9w…
RT @CNNMoney: For Mark Zuckerberg, connecting people online isn't enough. https://t.co/OtoczDizNL
RT @CNNMoney: What to watch: - @facebook summit - Bank stress tests - More oil pain https://t.co/cQCZjtMnBL $FB $BAC $JPM
RT @cnntech: How to make space clean again https://t.co/LCVXwopSdO https://t.co/ORCXcvjT2V
@chillmage @SpaceGamesFed #CatPlay
RT @businessinsider: Einstein's wildest prediction from 100 years ago is turning out to be true https://t.co/tiqLYLFKcf
RT @businessinsider: These Harvard-designed underwater robots have advanced, squishy hands to grip delicate sea life https://t.co/aHPTYNHgPf
RT @Inc: Apple's iPhone 8 Could Change How You Use Phones (Hint: It Involves Augmented Reality) https://t.co/8migftmHrA
RT @CNNMoney: Almost every one of @Boeing's planes are built in Everett, Washington -- including the new Air Force One. https://t.co/dR2yu4…
RT @businessinsider: Scientists overlooked a major problem with going to Mars — and they fear it could be a suicide mission https://t.co/Qm…
RT @businessinsider: Here's where you should really go to stay safe during an earthquake https://t.co/veDwzWY6P6
RT @business: Atlas Mara plans to sell 35% stake in company to increase a larger share in a Nigerian bank https://t.co/6R8cwZBZSW https://t…
RT @Softpedia: Hackers Take Down Microsoft’s Skype with DDoS Attack, Steam to Be Next Target https://t.co/Xyutyp1za1 #skypedown
RT @CNNMoney: Stocks: 8 things to know before the bell https://t.co/m8dVsVymCe

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