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RT @GraysonDolan: Hey guys. The video will be up in one hour
RT @GraysonDolan: Explanation tomorrow. Miss you guys ♥️
RT @EthanDolan: Hey... we're gonna put a video up tomorrow explaining everything. Love u guys
RT @EthanDolan: I'm done faking it I'm honestly at a really shitty place mentally
RT @GraysonDolan: If I could sing, I would sing our favorite song to you baby... right in your ear
RT @EthanDolan: RETWEET this here tweet for a FOLLOW or DM dog
RT @Glamrattus: Monday well spent making this masterpiece @MannyMua733 @JeffreeStar https://t.co/Qbo2Vcnzp1
RT @FIirtationship: Me jumping to conclusions https://t.co/7km1Y6ayx3
RT @BBAnimals: Watch till the end ?? https://t.co/Dv4C9Ryv4e
RT @MirandaSings: Trump shuld be a youtuber.

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Handmade jewelry artisan, vintage treasure-seeker, emerging seamstress, lover of Zibbet & Etsy, & future law student

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