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OK. I'm moving my Twitter to @DesignerElla - the name fits both blogging and, of course designing. Pls come follow me if you don't already.
Changed dress plans for wedding attending, so also changed craft accessory plans. Wooo! Love the new dress so much tho!
Realized I don't have & never needed lower than size 14 needles until now. Need sz 9 for wedding guest accessories. Must do Jo-Ann run soon.
I'm late to post this (dinner) but all Etsians/crafters, etc. should watch tonight's ep. of Big Bang. Video will be online tomorrow!
Re-opened Etsy shop, this URL redirects: http://shop.ellamo.de :-D
I love the blanket stitch, and I can always use a mind-refresher. (On Martha Stewart)
Marcia Cross just basically asked Martha Stewart if she invented felting, or at least the name. Ha!
Somewhat to save $ / simplify crazy life / other reasons moving fashions 2 1 Etsy shop after RL moving hiatus. Blog moved too check profile.
I'm slowly moving in w/ BF, already living w/ him. Designing/crafting on hiatus/vaca. CANNOT wait for my sewing machine & supplies! Ooooh!
New PW ads on http://fabulista.onsugar.com/ - avg. up to 2,000 hits/day. High spots.
Thinkin bout consolidating Twitters to my now 1 Style blog's Twit. I do craft fashion mostly, but the profile URL wouldn't relate to a shop.
Wish I had my sewing machine at boyfriend's. I need to move in already. Heh. "Hello landlord, may I break my lease?" - sigh...
Who else likes to play around / have fun with their Big Cartel or Etsy "featured" or top items?! http://is.gd/jm7T
BFF urged me to get it that I can't sell with 0 listings, so I shouldn't be OCD about pics. I'll list a lot more soon! http://is.gd/jm5d
Men are accessories, dress them well. http://is.gd/iQxH
Get 'em before ship-time says you can't! (VDay cards) http://is.gd/iLrM
@MorriganArtfire I think @HolyGod is better than @God. Holier than He? DUEL!
@Artfire If I try to customize further it doesn't exclude things properly.
@MorriganArtfire And it's really not fair with their built-in readers and fame. I don't beg for votes!
Listed another fuzzy yarn print V-Day card, note size: http://twurl.cc/e7a (I'm sick so slow.)

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