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Save money and schedule both spring and fall swamp cooler services at once. Albuquerque call 719-217-8546
Swamp Cooler To Go! Personal Swamp Cooler For Dogs http://t.co/1hUAwF1y
SWAMP COOLER FACT: They naturally add moisture to houses, keeping wood furniture and fabrics from drying out. ABQ call 719-217-8546
Using a mold inhibitor after cleaning your swamp cooler system prevents bacterial, fungal, mildew and mold growth.
SWAMP COOLER TIP: When you turn your cooler on, tun on the water pump a few minutes before turning on the fan. ABQ call 719-217-8546
PARTS YOU MIGHT NEED: Swamp Cooler Anode Kit http://t.co/ycMmCZWM
ABQ "Like" Electro Swamp Cooler Services on Facebook to get 10% off your first service with. http://t.co/usdLHszm
SWAMP COOLER FACT: Cooler pads filter the air effectively, and are inexpensive to replace, compared to AC filters. ABQ call 719-217-8546
Heat transfer in a cooling system is hindered when it becomes packed with algae, mud, sludge, scale or other contaminants.
Keep Cool Outside! Portable Campsite Mister http://t.co/KI0nVnNC
SWAMP COOLER TIP: Instead of turning cooler on when it is 79° F, wait until it is 85°. ABQ call 719-217-8546 for maintenance!
SWAMP COOLER FACT: They are environmentally friendly! No refrigerants are used for the cooling process. ABQ call 719-217-8546
PARTS YOU MIGHT NEED: Swamp Cooler Overflow Drain http://t.co/MULoD2WP
Swamp cooler systems out of service for any length of time need to be cleaned as they can still harbor dirt and bacterial buildup.
SWAMP COOLER TIP: Install a thermostat so your swamp cooler doesn't waste unnecessary energy. Albuquerque call 719-217-8546
Swamp Cooler To Go! Port-A-Cool 48-Inch Portable Evaporative http://t.co/6Gv4l6nm
SWAMP COOLER FACT: Coolers use up to 75% less electricity than standard AC units. Regular maintenance saves more. ABQ call 719-217-8546
A dirty swamp cooler system can pose a health hazard. Legionella bacteria can grow under layers of slime and scale.
SWAMP COOLER TIP: Turn the water pump off in the evenings, but leave the fan on to save water. ABQ call 719-217-8546 for maintenance!
PARTS YOU MIGHT NEED: Swamp Cooler Spider http://t.co/YTnQDe5U

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