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#Buylocal. It's not just about food anymore. http://t.co/9dUFW0A3Gd
#Shoplocal and maintain the local flavor. One-of-a-kind businesses create regional character. It's part of what keeps visitors coming back.
#Shoplocal Protect the environmental. A local biz makes more local purchases requiring less transportation -- making less of an impact.
#Shop local and create jobs. Small, locally owned businesses provide the largest share of net new jobs generated each year.
Download the Independent We Stand mobile app for free to find and support locally owned businesses on the go! http://t.co/CRc12NGn6M
Download the Independent We Stand mobile app for free to find and support locally owned businesses on the go! http://t.co/MrEbsiut30
#Growlocal & join the Institute for Local Self-Reliance helping communities take control of their economic futures. http://t.co/4I8Ei8tNt5
#Leakproofshopping Re-spending a dollar in the local economy is like new income – creating a “multiplier effect” rather than “leaking out.”
#Shoplocal You may get be better service. Local business owners are passionate about their products and often spend more time on customers.
Why do you #shoplocal? You may be a winner if we choose your reason. Keep tweeting.
#Shoplocal Product knowledge is extensive. Local business owners are well informed about their products and know what they are selling.
#Shoplocal Local Investment is powerful. Local businesses are less susceptible to national downturns and more likely to stay open.
#shoplocal Keep Money Local. Sales taxes fund communities & provide vital services such as police & fire, street repairs & trash collection.
Don't just #buylocal, #buypersonal. Here's how. Here's why. http://t.co/aneMhkO7Sl
Don't just #buylocal, #buypersonal. Here's how. Here's why. http://t.co/ZoYRFkG87Q
Don't just #buylocal, #buypersonal. Here's how. Here's why. http://t.co/5vjIUS57bJ
#Best4localbiz #WP Ocean City, NJ. Dozens of small boutiques & homegrown restaurants."We have very few chains & one chain sub shop."
#Best4localbiz #WP Medford, Ore. Local alliances -- Connect 4 Lunch prg to encourage local entrepreneurs & business owners 2 work together
#Best4localbiz #WP Carson City, Nev. redeveloping 2 of its major business districts, which feature homegrown restaurants and a microbrewery.
#Best4localbiz #WP Pet friendly Harrisonburg, Va., is full of local pet groomers, supply stores and inns that welcome cats and dogs.

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