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RT @brochuredesigni: Every Monday Is A New Chance. #MondayMotivation https://t.co/oXjfzds551
You know you've been waiting way too long when you manage to finish reading all of Twitter. #carwashblues #wastedmorning #h2Ocarwashbrodie
RT @TheNextWeb: What is SSL and why it’s important for secure web browsing https://t.co/XKBKR2XnUi https://t.co/yPtAxN1xVy
It's hot out....don't forget to water the bees! @twohiveshoney https://t.co/A5l3TexQqH https://t.co/MThxfgy8qO
@gretchenrubin M&Ms! Crack the shell off first with your teeth, then eat the chocolate last. Or mix in w/hot popcor… https://t.co/llBkobAMlF
RT @ericberlin: 22 years ago... https://t.co/bOmo0TXewM
@ericberlin I remember thinking 'what a stupid name for a bookstore'... I never could have guessed what was yet to come...
RT @NathanHChan: Grab this free eBook on 14 Instagram tools to grow your account! https://t.co/I4tjtyM69d #startup #entrepreneur https://t.…
RT @erin3flynn: 6 Subtle Things You Do that Lower Your Perceived Value and Diminish Opportunities for Work - https://t.co/T7RhdlMApt
I always wondered what the UTM code was in the address line, and now I know. But why the word "URCHIN"? https://t.co/xzyqlFUfRg
No, You Can’t Use My Photos On Your Brand’s Instagram For Free https://t.co/cl8OhZPPmB GO @maxdubler !! Way to stick to your guns.
Wow, this is fantastic. Hilarious story told in Tweets and GIFs. https://t.co/y8qMkd4JdY
Just watched 'The Fundamentals of Caring'. A GREAT feel-good movie! What's your favorite feel-good movie? https://t.co/Q0XPajEbHS
DIY Website BUILDERS vs Website CONSULTANTS: Why you should use a designer/consultant instead of a DIY site builder. https://t.co/7DZoH5tBVy
Setting up ContentSnare for the first time today. Trying it with a new client. Fingers crossed! https://t.co/lOMYCedffd
@gretchenrubin Office supply stores are dangerous. Such nice new pens and paper! I can't even go in them anymore...
RT @momentumPR: What #teen #girls say about #stress, a study by @Girls_EN https://t.co/SzgOhy15vI
RT @ipfconline1: Why Use Social Media? #Branding #DigitalMarketing #SMM #ContentMarketing #GrowthHacking #SEO #Mpgvip #defstar5 #makeyourow…
Great article about social and SEO. "SEO & social media work together as part of a marketing plan to boost engageme… https://t.co/3EPG85L14L
VERY in depth article about choosing the right keywords for your site + 24 keyword research tools.… https://t.co/vhBbLmMMTi

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Web, Logo, and Mobile Website Designer & Developer. Illustrator and greeting card creator. Love my yellow lab, Zeke, and my town, Austin TX!

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