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Been researching Stereophotograph diableries all day today. Need a good book on them. http://t.co/ByXVjIaXc1
One of my favorite paintings just sold. I'm going to miss him so much. https://t.co/8mCypIjkuj http://t.co/qpEdxDAP7g
@starofmay NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
The image of Sugarplum Fairy from Cabin in the Woods just crept into my mind. Getting goose bumps all over again.
I want to put this warning out there. If you have tattoos fall asleep around me you will wake up with them highlighted with diamond Stickles
Hopelessly addicted to celebrity ghost stories. I simply can't help myself. http://t.co/PhAPnw7dtv
Seriously thinking about taking some courses from http://t.co/pTryAB5IEJ Anyone out there have any luck with them?
RT @starofmay: Giving away three spots in Pattern Play! http://t.co/gzTE596NLv
Had a dream about black forest cake again. I have no idea what is going on with me.
RT @starofmay: New video series! Color Wednesday #1 + Copic Storage GIVEAWAY from @Studio3Cubbies… http://t.co/nfsCTGhl
@JulieeJuly I want to know too. I'm going after work.
Just finished the steamiest Jules Verne necklace. A little homage to the master. http://t.co/S7yWSp9w
My new fav it is so intricate with layer upon layer of tiny clock hands. It kind of reminds me of an android’s sternum. http://t.co/RCiWnvDM
I love Weta so very much! http://t.co/fNGDKBR #steampunk #raygun
Thank you Norway for loving my tiara so much you had to own it. http://t.co/h87p2Vg http://t.co/NYphT1D
@DoBatsEatCats So pretty!!!
@SteampunkShoppe Those are AMAZING!!!
@omgrey your so sweet to mention my work. Thank you :D
Can't sleep so I will have to watch The Innocents ( 1961) . Thank you Henry James, thank you. http://t.co/1uJh8k4
Here's another thread about Etsy Day in Disneyland... http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6534746

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