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RT @PMInstitute: RT @PMvoices: Why organizations struggle so much with knowledge management: https://t.co/rnJDEQ4rIN #ProjectManagement #pm…
What's the Point of a Business Plan? Our take. https://t.co/Ops3eek0cH https://t.co/LfHGwpc4Ny
Managing Your Startup In 2016: Rules For A New Environment by Ajay Agarwal. https://t.co/QOvqSod0ep
Why You Should Be Concerned About The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) by Graeme Caldwell. https://t.co/1PQb1Aefhd
A powerful ad by #NoMore, putting domestic violence firmly into the spotlight. https://t.co/3pOKoXkFj6
Happy Monday everyone! February is off to quite a start around here with onboarding 3 great new clients this week!
RT @BrianAdamovich: Check out my new story @Medium. https://t.co/6Qzw70D21p
We are excited about the relaunch of our new site! Check it out at https://t.co/lm9wv0l0nM.
The Atari GUI OS Brings Point And Click Goodness To An Old Platform http://t.co/fNjxRbdujt
With A Fresh $14M, Freightos Wants To Power The Global Freight Industry http://t.co/3EjGysxRz9
TiVo Sues Samsung For Patent Infringement http://t.co/DCz1CLWAvM
Instagram Ads Go Global, Including New 30-Second Commercials http://t.co/BbldR4vSXc
Spotify's 'Found Them First' Tool Calculates Your Musical Cool http://t.co/jbqQeBfQlm
Yahoo has a $9 billion tax problem http://t.co/mnGzO9pXgp
Chipotle plans to hire 4,000 people today http://t.co/yt2uY1qRXz
CrunchBase Is Spinning Out, Backed by Emergence Capital http://t.co/sGmebusJAX
Here's How You Move a 400-Ton, 404-Year-Old Japanese Castle http://t.co/527o4lGKh0
The crazy stocks that correlate with Apple http://t.co/ZiGrT3Sgux
Downtown Minneapolis is a-changin' http://t.co/TCvrk7CwyX
A New Algorithm Can Predict Subway Delays Two Hours Before They Happen http://t.co/1hpXzy55cc

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Effectuate, Inc. digs deep to develop critical initiatives that will help build your business through marketing, public relations, web design, and more.
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Effectuate, Inc.
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