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Things I am thankful for: outdoor showers.
Consecutive days no socks: 58
Say goodbye to reproductive health. https://t.co/xUgFk9CPEf
Trump's impact on the rest of the world. The end of moral authority and, perhaps, global solutions to anything. https://t.co/lh4VMYdpy8
Every day just gets worse. Our communities endure personal tragedies like the one in the story below and our coun… https://t.co/MmJEkIxM7k
Insurance companies are evil and heartless. The fact that a financial giant could screw over a 90 year for this mi… https://t.co/LoY2aLhxra
Trump has done one thing for America: he has inspired more entertaining journalism. From the Boston Globe this morning. "President Trump,…
Yet another CCO who started his career at Mullen. Congrats Gerard Caputo. https://t.co/ybeXoKiaIF
Great day for a parade. #pride
This warms my heart. The Public Theater's new production of Julius Caesar depicts a "petulant, blondish Caesar in a blue suit, complete wit…
Trump vindicated. Comey a leaker. Stock market hits all time highs. #nothingmatters
I am considering unfriending anyone who uses those annoying colored backgrounds with large type. Worse than advertising. Why are so many Fa…
Comedy testifies. Trump lies. Flynn's a criminal (probably). But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters.
And he is still president. There appears to be no stopping him. We are so fucked.
Saul Joubert. Two weeks to the International Masters' Tournament at Gleason's Gym.
A couple of early images from a new project on ex gang members who found a way out through the focus, discipline and self respect that come…
A must listen. Brilliant and powerful. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on the removal of confederate monuments. H… https://t.co/vtL1ohpeHX
Spectacular images by Joel Meyerowitz. Had the pleasure of working and traveling with Joel across Ireland and on C… https://t.co/vJ8hgOHiuz
Dinner tonight at Giulia, one of the toughest tables to get in Boston. Choice was 6:30 or 8:30. Took 6:30. Fifteen years ago would have ta…
Mullen Lowe NY and Carrot Creative are very lucky to get these two. If I could buy shares in Jess Gelbwaks and Laura Bailey I would be all …

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