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Battle sail #hmsinterceptor #ladywashington #hawaiianchieftain @ Treasure Island, San Francisco https://t.co/XIyK7r9wCM
Pirate hunting @ Treasure Island, San Francisco https://t.co/91wPr95mx4
RT @tommyxtopher: Wow: While apologizing for Hitler gaffe, Spicer literally says he doesn't want to distract from Trump's attempts "to dest…
RT @jpodhoretz: Sean Spicer is not a Holocaust denier or an anti-Semite or anything sinister. What he is is a blithering idiot.
.@united no one cares about small print, pay market rates to 'volunteers' to give up seats, don't beat them up & not apologize. Find new CEO
RT @Anthony: United Airlines stock is being re-accomodated. $UAL https://t.co/Zvr6a0R5vy
RT @ggreenwald: The letter from @United CEO repeatedly emphasizes passenger's crime: failure to obey. He "refused" to give up his seat for…
@united @USAnonymous vol·un·tar·i·ly adverb: voluntarily 'of one's own free will'
It's sickening how @united and the police treat this man. Now they lie about the incident and say 'he fell' https://t.co/6O34zQ2Njc
RT @JayseDavid: @United overbook #flight3411 and decided to force random passengers off the plane. Here's how they did it: https://t.co/Qfe…
Sheltering from the storm during 3 day, 2 night sail this weekend @ Moored At Ayala Cove, Angel… https://t.co/jUxRYustE7
Sailing on #SchoonerFredaB to watch launch of the #MatthewTurner @ Educational Tall Ship for San… https://t.co/XoprAzmjE9
Hike to the Tourist Club #hikerlapse @ Nature Friends Tourist Club https://t.co/vfWgbR4hHC
RT @yashar: WATCH: Trump last year: If I'm POTUS I don't think I'd see any of my golf courses again, I just want to stay in WH and "work in…
If you watched Mulholland Dr. online and didn't understand the movie, it's probably because you… https://t.co/PRI5sA54ow
In other news today... https://t.co/t3tyNGRIMM
Training for Fleet Week https://t.co/1EwX6PNAKV
Another day on the Bay #sfsailing @ Alcatraz https://t.co/ZutjSCsmyy
Sail from Sausalito to Point Diablo #sfsailing #goldengatebridge #pointdiablo #sausalito @… https://t.co/sVJg6XFqx0
⛵️ 🌊🌞 @ Angel Island, San Francisco Bay https://t.co/zo9XOsEoQZ

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