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Christmas seems to start earlier each year 🎄 @ 555 California Holiday Tree https://t.co/thHcZhzyrj
#extraactionmarchingband #sfai @ Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture https://t.co/PjugfIl5lL
Just posted a video @ Sam's Anchor Cafe https://t.co/PwxE8nikao
‘Come fill the cup, and in the fires of spring the winter garments of repentance fling’ @ Zam Zam https://t.co/F4tksBsOVb
Christopher Brown @ Berggruen Gallery https://t.co/jOc8iNew3H
Dracula, Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet @ Paramount Theatre of the Arts https://t.co/72ndXs7DSV
Practicing my 🎃 carving skills #eclipsepumpkin https://t.co/XKFXVNLuTx
#sfsailing @ Alcatraz https://t.co/xm1puxChwW
Big Sur #hikerlapse @ Montara State Beach https://t.co/xJOf441r5c
The Square, Cannes 2017 Palme d’Or Winner at Mill Valley Film Festival #mvff40 @ CineArts Sequoia https://t.co/Qdkch2oZby
#fleetweek @ 100 Van Ness https://t.co/BDMQCcKT0Y
☀️⛵️🌴 @ Golden Gate Bridge https://t.co/jq2F5G555J
Sunset sail @ Alcatraz https://t.co/05fpjEoDSt
September sailing ⛵️ @ Racoon Strait https://t.co/Pyt3FeIvLa
Just posted a video @ Jud Weibe Trail, Telluride. https://t.co/Y6ShFXqfQc
Just posted a photo @ Telluride, Colorado https://t.co/JbC3O9Efcx
Taking a break after 8 films #telluridefilmfestival @ Telluride Ridge Trail https://t.co/0zKLsnq9Ng
44th Telluride Film Festival @ Telluride, Colorado https://t.co/Q8FGuXpZ6c
#eclipse 🌒 @ Old Fisherman's Club https://t.co/AreNF3AqXw
johnbrotherspianocompany @ Bimbo's 365 Club https://t.co/50R3fRqi9J

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