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35 Friends Helps Big Companies Share Knowledge | @scoopit via @scoopit It just works | @scoopit
What is and how can it benefit your online presence and platform development? | @scoopit
How to use | @scoopit
How to use | @scoopit
#ElReyAbdica #ReferendumYA -- Es hora de que hable la ciudadanía. Firma y RT! +100 mil y no para...
Montessori Education Takes Off in China | @scoopit via @MarcheBreaks #wcim1314 #newmodelofeducation
Marketing Firms for Small Business | Marketing Agencies and Consulting Companies | Business Marketin... | @scoopit
RT @PaulaAlonsoVera: Good Morning WikiLitters!!! It is time to test other IM tools #wcim1314
RT @NereaMugica: Oceano can be directly linked to your RefWorks account! That's useful, isn't it? #wcim1314
@MrnOtaegi I think this is a really useful page for us. #wcim1314
New unit: Reference Management. Learning how to select reliable sources in our Wikilittera profile and how to cite them properly. #wcim1314
RT @AmaiaGU: We have learned the difference between Data, Information and Knowledge #wcim1314
@PaulaAlonsoVera "What means "essential data"? But I´m not sure if it will be valid. #wcim1314
Once I have choosen my topic, let's work on the fact sheet through Google Drive. #wcim1314
RT @TwitterData: #Sochi2014: Two weeks of #Olympics animated in 60 seconds #dataviz
Wikipedia is reliable, but it is recommendable to look for an extra source #wcim1314
Preparing my wiki page for the course Information Management #wcims1314
Let's choose my topic for unit 1. #wcim1314
RT @ptarkkonen: "People do not lack strength, they lack will." -Victor Hugo #leadership

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