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RT @mkapor: RIP Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a classic of my youth https://t.co/AlLMHWMQcI
RT @satishd: Ugh... part of the charm was how light weight it was. MSFT to shut down Wunderlist in favor To-Do https://t.co/nQk53SJrPF via…
😡😡 Silicon Valley CEO Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Abusing His Wife—and Is Offered a Deal for Less Than 30 Days in Jail https://t.co/KC88jyv66e
@joshuanguyen Calafia stars in this book, highly recommended: https://t.co/g10G8lYulv
RT @laurenepowell: This is not who we are. Churches, communities, and elected officials have all asked for the halt of a deportation. https…
RT @kellan: You should read @skamille "The Manager's Path", I wrote a short blurb on why https://t.co/SiulQnW8zt (https://t.co/IFrRNKSm8U)
RT @crampell: How the White House made @petridishes Real News https://t.co/n0PiYpuYwQ
RT @marcprecipice: can't … … breathe https://t.co/8BZc8YUbyY
RT @JeremySF: THE most blood boiling anecdote about women in tech I have ever read. Kudos to @susanthesquark for bravery in the face of cer…
RT @NewYorker: David Remnick on Donald Trump and the enemies of the American people: https://t.co/zyDzzFRq3e https://t.co/OoVpp15G94
RT @nxthompson: The organization helping determine war and peace is basically a shitshow within a madhouse. https://t.co/GtcOFEydez
RT @waltmossberg: Flipboard redesigns itself around "smart" digital magazines https://t.co/YOg0HQpfnO https://t.co/NvUYwle2AF
RT @HinaShamsi: It's rare for me to write such a personal piece but I had a couple of unusual days, starting with CBP questioning https://t…
RT @PGourevitch: Lots disturbing here but this is mind-blowing: Bannon maneuvered onto NSC w/out Trump's nod?! https://t.co/tYYiXt2Ioo http…
RT @nytopinion: To Republicans who remain quiet, or tacitly support Trump's immigration ban: history will remember you as cowards. https://…
RT @TheFoodLab: Don't like what's happening and want to help make a difference? Donate to the @aclu. Every penny helps. https://t.co/Kw6bW…
https://t.co/RzwagdO9hb https://t.co/kMhNz9cXqu
RT @NewYorker: Donald Trump’s vainglorious affront to the C.I.A.: https://t.co/r7omgdKUjl https://t.co/5oS5y52eiL
RT @triketora: “Renewing Medium’s focus” by @ev https://t.co/qWeS9Fnwp5
xkcd: Earth Temperature Timeline https://t.co/2t4e6SLRMW

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