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Software Engineer, Java job at http://t.co/F7nNdZy093 - Santa Monica http://t.co/kgLM2yfSpf #Indeed #jobs
What to expect at #NYAutoShow: @Chevrolet Malibu @Jaguar XF @Toyota RAV4 and more http://t.co/Patk4SyCAT http://t.co/Tzn4Pvjp9c
@eldonfreal No official word yet. Stay tuned for info on releases on our #NYAutoShow page: http://t.co/V7LS9NCWSN
The Edmunds Daily is out! http://t.co/f42Wk2KQxa Stories via @Steinlauf
We'll be at #NYAutoShow this week. If you have any questions, we'll answer them here and on http://t.co/NgJXniHgTW http://t.co/s57Fl8t9Lu
LR4 SUV can comfortably climb sandstone cliffs and navigate crowded parking lots @LandRover http://t.co/9LX7LUl36Q http://t.co/snrdAgNnMR
A look at Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto and @Dodge Chargers from #Fast & Furious. What will Dom drive in #Furious7? https://t.co/tIbbXw6Zq0
.@Steinlauf: texting is a major communications channel for #millennials and is how they like to interact with dealers http://t.co/rbBludtazT
A list of the more forgettable and regrettable vehicles from the #Fast and Furious series. #Furious7 https://t.co/HIOp5dl9K5
Dominic’s Charger or Brian’s GTR? The Top 10 cars from #Fast and Furious. #Furious7 http://t.co/5XubhZeUrV https://t.co/y6CT4f5AJH
Yes, tech-loving #millennials want to meet dealers face-to-face and take test drives @Steinlauf @VinceBond86 http://t.co/XGzDnPYKNT
73% of #millenials say they are better car shoppers than their parents http://t.co/YbzYZOljwP http://t.co/tp6skaAZFk
RT @VinceBond86: #Millennials may love their phones, but they still value face-to-face interactions with dealers, @edmunds says: http://t.c…
#Hackomotive innovates the car shopping experience! 18 teams battled for the top 3 spots. http://t.co/p5OYGEkEzq http://t.co/OXY2ndQ7QM
Data Scientist job at http://t.co/F7nNdZy093 - Santa Monica http://t.co/LtggOJWiY7 #Indeed #jobs
Thanks again to our amazing #Hackomotive judges. #CarHack #SiliconBeach http://t.co/HsVIZrnBvs
Congrats to @ZipflipAuto, @dashmobile and @BacklotCars for winning #Hackomotive!#CarHack #siliconbeach http://t.co/AsGZ8ngbZb
We pay tribute to the late Paul Walker. Which Brian O'Conner ride is your fav? #Furious7 http://t.co/69Qgm751wB https://t.co/lmNcI86khC
If you drive/drove a #Ford vehicle with the MyFord touch technology (not the Ford Sync 3 system) email PR@edmunds.com to be interviewed.
RT @RMontoyaEdmunds: I ran an informal wi-fi speed test on the @edmunds Audi A3 http://t.co/sKWJJ9d8un

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