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@Defiantwotblitz @WorldofWarships @bobthebobwaffle @OfficialGGJack @BBDx222 @PhilippGuettler @wotb_slapattack Hopef… https://t.co/nLdaOkl3PH
Genius! https://t.co/eFg3UcODya
It’s going to be awesome!!! https://t.co/mjwbM0LHAJ
@PGarof29 Looking forward to it. #roadtosix
Game Theory: How Loot Boxes HACK YOUR BRAIN! https://t.co/BbhIFmYG6f via @YouTube
@leighannenash “Don’t Come Around Here No More”
@TheCarrotPanda Yeah, we got some really bad ones. Nothing like MA though. Didn’t know Ohio was a bad-driver state.
Shawn Marion “oh...oh”. You don’t say. @AmazingRaceCBS #AmazingRace
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President - New York Magazine https://t.co/YhAltd6G43
RT @ShuttleCDRKelly: As a pilot in the @USNavy, I was trained to deliver nuclear weapons. EVERYTHING we did with these weapons was deadly s…
@bobthebobwaffle Nice!
So anyone who got one of the “Loyalty” M60s last year has an account that’s worth a lot of $$$. https://t.co/SAncQ3NIyz
F this event. You’d have more fun flushing singles down a toilet than buying the WOTB crates. https://t.co/xvCP8mrtFZ
Happy New Year! https://t.co/5C9RRsGR1q
@PGarof29 Yeah, I’m feeling it. Just trying not to get ahead of myself
@PGarof29 Jan 21 is blocked off.
@PGarof29 Merry Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you
@TheCarrotPanda Merry Christmas! We’re getting just a little overnight, then tomorrow the rain will wash it away. Did you get a lot of snow?
@Patriots https://t.co/d9RdBDvLmz
RT @Patriots: WHAT A GAME. #GoPats https://t.co/HHyRyWj5IM

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