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Need #Snowman art that doesn’t look like #clipart? I hear ya! https://t.co/ngCuPeEeza https://t.co/Ci0Wwa5J5d
The Zombie Apocalypse is over! 10 Novels Agents Have Already Seen a Billion Times https://t.co/OL9tIrT6yO… https://t.co/aGiUCeUtUN
@scillabert That’s ridiculously cute, Priscilla!
@KirkGeorge That’s a very solid start!
Mysterious #strawberry https://t.co/D5Y0tLbkn6
Cute Strawberry. https://t.co/3sX0a0UWCU
Feeling something like this for the last few days. #iphone #bugfix #I️ https://t.co/ECwczFLyI9
@ioanahobai @BlueBunnyBooks What a crowd! I️ can’t believe I️ had to miss it!
RT @markemoran: Don't ask students to memorize the 1st four Presidents. They can look it up in 10 seconds. Ask them in what ways the 1st fo…
@LornaScobie @SonsolesPrint Nicely done. More please!
@DiandraMae Wow. Thanks for sharing this thread.
RT @shelligator: Boston! Come ✨make comics✨ with us this Sun 12-1p at Barnes and Noble (@BNBostonPru) Mini Maker Faire! https://t.co/E98FPj…
I'm re-rewatching Broadchurch and I can't wait to see @Drwhojodie's new take on the character! #DrWho ’s new look: https://t.co/gA0VycCX2V
@AdobeCare Running OS 10.12.6 Sierra. But I’ve had this issue for years (and I’m only now seeking help)! Figured th… https://t.co/AM0KPpZNkd
Love that feeling when u send the final invoice after a job’s been kicking your butt. That’s the best kind of work!
Illustration for a client to help convey the challenges of a #disorganized #student. #kidlitart #mg #middlegrade https://t.co/PdiqBr6DOZ
Me and @getjustin at @MassArt today to talk #freelancing. Great Qs from the students! #ReadySetFreelance https://t.co/CJ7rOk9MRA
@MassArt @getjustin And this one too: Should I Include it in My Portfolio? #Freelance #Freelancelife https://t.co/rJxMLTLmjg
Should I Take the Job? Something to help the @MassArt students who @getjustin and I will be talking to today.… https://t.co/hTMVSoKQHO
@Illustrator I really appreciate it!

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