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Wedding earrings, one of my newest designs. #Earring #jewelry
@ATTCares since you decided to cut off channel 2 I will be walking away as a customer. I LOVE to see shark tank and you ruined for me.
@DIRECTVService You cut off channel 2 from my package, now you can kiss me good bye as a customer. Nice going!!!!
#DirecTVNow, ATT you cut off channel 2, now you can kiss me goodbye as a customer!! Nice going!
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@directv 48 hours and still counting for you to fix technical difficulties on channel 32. Really??? Very disappointing.. #directv
@ATTCares yeah there is no confusion. I will be taking my business somewhere else. Can't wait until google is available in my area.....
@ATTCares I am mad because I just found out I have a cap on my dsl. This should have been a grandfather in acct and now it is not. Why??
@ATT going from unlimited dsl data to limited is not progress, it is pure GREED. Cable starts to look pretty good now.. #Internet
@NatGeo please bring back life on us, your private wildlife. By far the most interesting show I've seen. #tvshow #documentary #NatGeo
@copart stop photoshopping on line car pictures. That is deceiving. #carauction #copart
Beadwoven Bracelet Beaded Bracelet Seed Bead by EclecticPixie via @Etsy
Beadwoven Bracelet Beaded Bracelet Seed Bead by EclecticPixie via @Etsy #crafthour #handmade #shopping #madeinusa
Hand Beaded White Flower Hair Clip with Blue and by EclecticPixie via @Etsy #wedding #madeinusa #shopping #jewelry
Beaded chevron bracelet with czech beads in by EclecticPixie via @Etsy #shoplocal #madeinusa #handmade
Black Velvet Beaded Choker With Beaded Flower by EclecticPixie via @Etsy #handmade #madeinusa #shoppinglocal
Black Cord Beaded Ball Beaded Sphere Black by EclecticPixie via @Etsy #shoplocal #madeinusa #necklace #fashion
Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Faceted Beaded by EclecticPixie via @Etsy #shopping #accessories #madeinusa #necklace

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I make handmade jewelry, hair clips, digital prints, bookmarks, etc!