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Add your name to stop the dog torture festival in #China #StopYulin2016 https://t.co/pzJXZvD7nG
I just had a great experience with @SwansonVitamins. Thanks Cristin & the Swanson team!
The Stone: When Philosophy Lost Its Way https://t.co/JBUb1H44Fq via @nytopinionator
6 Meditation Positions That Are Gentle to Your Back https://t.co/fjvoqXehxP
RT @_epperson: #Free book# for Kindle. EPIC Justice. Book #3 in the Frank Knott crime adventure series. https://t.co/0kevUqqwMU
Another good read https://t.co/ze8dbvncWb
Medical Bills for UCC Victim https://t.co/XR2PSuvpwm via @gofundme
The latest book in the Frank Knott private eye series has just published. http://t.co/64nJIY2sDs http://t.co/4DlgERVBs7
Good read about a private eye vs startling criminal foe. (Full Disclosure -- author is my hubby, I was his editor.) https://t.co/tuLHLgzDAQ
Check out a treasure trove of new crime fiction http://t.co/ClScCctOtA . http://t.co/WQ5IzpQdjv
Reuters ends comments on news stories | Poynter.: http://t.co/pNHDBMjgkJ
@AprilatParkland What funeral home is handling RJA's arrangements?
@danielkemp6 Just bought your book and plan to prepare for a good read.
@danielkemp6 Luv ur story of turning 2 writing. Spouse started "Chasing Bad Guys" late in life 2: http://t.co/EeHaqAygQB
An Exceptional Woman: Storme DeLarverie, Early Leader in Gay Rights Movement, Dies at 93 http://t.co/5rbw2FEmeX
"Jealousy and envy...two feelings that would dominate my entire life and bring me immense pain" -- Elliott Rodger's Manifesto.
A Manifesto of Extreme Narcissim: http://t.co/LkwdnBxilm
RT @nytimes: Campus Killings Set Off Anguished Conversation About the Treatment of Women http://t.co/dIwmXjn7Hh
How the #YesAllWomen Hashtag Began http://t.co/GNw1VmzeUk via @mashable
RT @mediatwit: Book boss Jane Friedman talks tech, e-books and why content still rules (@StevenBertoni via @Forbes) http://t.co/r9yr0BYWC5 …

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