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Happy 2014! Let's start the year right and always keep it positive. Cheers to health!
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So excited to be part of Bestowed's November box! Check 'em out & find some really great treats!
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@Organicall_You, thanks for the review! We're glad you found it to your liking, & recognize it's potential benefits. Good luck to health!
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RT @KLUTCHclub: Would you like fries with that tea burger? @EatGreenTea’s got tea you can EAT #Doesyourteadothat?
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@Quasimime Hi Diane! So sorry for the trouble! Could you advise us when your order was made & for what product? We'll let you know asap. Tnx
How about something more exotic today? Edible Organic Green Tea Ceviche?
Activist Eyewear Makes the Men's Glasses of the Future - Outerwear - #mensjournal
RT @SlenderResultsA: @runnerbox @eatgreentea Have you Body Wrapped in Green Tea today? =)
I'm using @simplymeasured to analyze a Google+ Page in Excel.
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@adbean989 how about this organic pizza? I bet its gonna be perfect for breakfast
Buongiorno! Today, we have something #Italian for #lunch. #Pizza! Buon appetito!
RT @runnerbox: Have you eaten your green tea today? Yes, I said "eat" your green tea. @eatgreentea

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Why just drink the stuff and throw away the goodness in the leaves? EAT THE WHOLE LEAF! 95 times more antioxidants in the whole leaf compared to brewed tea.

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