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From B2B to H2H Human to Human is a Win Win Situation. Engage CRM in a positive way #crmpush
A 3rd party site can determine if a website viewer has access to a particular Google Drive document
Amazon Press Conference: Jeff Bezos introduces Fire phone via @amazon
*Taking Evernote to the next Level with Tags* #notes #organized
RT @lleung: The data storage market in one picture. #EMC #AWS #openstack #dropbox cc/@simonrob451…
Just got my free 36TB (yes Terra Bytes) cloud storage in China. How's that NSA? #yeswescan
free private git syncing without third party servers with BTsync
Customize Bootstrap Buttons #css
customize bootstrap CSS with magic
Google multiple sign-in on App Engine
Publishers receive with AdSense for content 68% AdSense for search 51% of the revenue
Got Netflix? Got a Virus! Maybe... But it's Micro$oft$ fault #silverlight angler attack #security
YouTube Crowdfunding Feature via @engadget
Who Really Won the $1 Billion YouTube–Viacom War? via @VanityFair
Javascript Video galore
Adsense PII warning email #seo #smm
Easy things should be easy, hard things should be possible!

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easy things should be easy, hard things should be possbile!

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