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Apple and Microsoft address Orlando, avoid gay community https://t.co/bhv6lgH2Rj
Basis halts Peak smartwatch sales due to overheating concerns https://t.co/NDgPVzSZdB
Muslim American man shares both blood and patriotism in wake of Orlando attack https://t.co/DXV3MA9XPw
Xbox One S UK pricing: what you need to know https://t.co/4Ma29daBx2
Sling TV debuts its new look on Apple TV https://t.co/ybn5USOUld
Microsoft announces a new super-powered Xbox console: Project Scorpio https://t.co/YWb9LF0RzP
Apple reveals Siri-centric iOS 10 https://t.co/UyrQiYwkPL
'Forza Horizon 3' simplifies racing with friends in the Outback https://t.co/tfCnJscr4Y
Watch Microsoft's E3 press conference right here https://t.co/egFtdGE1xQ
Dude chronicles months-long attempt to flip a spoon into a mug https://t.co/AIH13YZjGU
Nanofiber film could lead to electronic skin https://t.co/MaXSsBayZ2
Stanford looks to the skies to calculate underground water https://t.co/IlYkc6oMzZ
Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion https://t.co/aaMy4JG2SK
Tributes pour in across the UK for victims of the Orlando shooting https://t.co/50Poh1c5qo
Hive adds smart lightbulbs to its connected home lineup https://t.co/lIfkX1bhpN
Walgreens is done with Theranos https://t.co/8u187UEJ6c
India is building a monsoon-predicting supercomputer https://t.co/lcTVlnBEO2
Delhi restaurant allegedly refuses to serve underprivileged children https://t.co/dU0jAZliJ0
Some Dish subscribers will miss NBA and NHL playoff games https://t.co/6tImAnlt3I
Article: B2B Marketers Get More Comfortable with Programmatic https://t.co/bnfzsJRRWp

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