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Video demo by Ford showing how to check your Twitter timeline while driving a Ford Fiesta.Hmmm... Is this a good thing? http://t.co/NnQ9NJs
E-Marketing: Social Media for B2B Sales, facts and figures on usage by Fortune 500 companies. http://bit.ly/93rLw5
RT @smb2b: Most Popular Post of the Week: B2B Social Media Sales Facts and Figures http://bit.ly/ccWAbt
RT @jbsem: Great to see Lifeworks blog going strong: Supervising People With Disabilities at the Workplace - http://bit.ly/9mp9Ds
RT @jbsem: Facebook is changing the way we share online: Facebook Launches Us Into the Era of Social Colonization: http://bit.ly/9ou4dT
How to optimize your site for the Bing search engine #SEO http://bit.ly/i9kH1
RT @problogger The Top 12 Unique Causes to Follow on Twitter http://bit.ly/1y6rya (via @tweetmeme)
RT @vinge Best Practices For Faster Web Sites http://tinyurl.com/lod5f8
Google's OpenSocial Evangelist Leaves Google http://om.bit.ly/1iq1Ej from @gigaom
Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #emarketing #ebusiness #ecommerce
Why clean markup is necessary. Using valid, semantic and lean markup meets Web standards and is good for SEO. http://bit.ly/rlu06.
Attending the LifeScience Alley new member breakfast on Friday, June 5. http://bit.ly/oSm6O
The ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards, and the winners are... http://www.clickz.com/awards

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E-Marketing - The process of marketing a brand using the Internet. eMarketing Dashboard – An e-marketing service in Minneapolis. David Vinge - emarketing expert

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