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As proud partners of @adtechLDN 29-30 Nov, save over 50% off your pass before 6 Oct with code EMARKETER15… https://t.co/7KlV022n7m
Retail #ecommerce sales will total $110.07 billion (£81.56 billion) in the #UK in 2017, @eMarketer estimates:… https://t.co/RGOFGVqGG9
Social advertising isn't really driving conversions: https://t.co/eEuWcYm0Sl https://t.co/GvoeEtRcMG
#Smartphones with biometrics will soon be the norm: https://t.co/iHQzPaQetO https://t.co/02F4fJtprT
#China's digital video #ad spending will overtake #TV by 2021: https://t.co/8Dtvy06hFq https://t.co/iCJam8KtYw
From apparel and furniture to televisions and sporting goods, prices of goods are declining: https://t.co/e5P0Xp7FUw https://t.co/m5SVKZk38h
Can brick and mortar compete with #digital on price? Find out here: https://t.co/y3eBjWmgQF https://t.co/jlWkOyWGu9
What's drawing consumers to brand sites? Find out here: https://t.co/QJxPQqQtiI https://t.co/4N5ShQrlxB
RT @pewjournalism: Mobile digital ad revenue now makes up almost 2/3 of all digital ad revenue https://t.co/iSV6XkyThB https://t.co/0FCkVrz…
Are #millennial shopping habits vastly different from previous generations? Find out: https://t.co/k5PcTOFSAm https://t.co/hJbikItuhw
The challenge of selling toys in an increasingly #digital world: https://t.co/djhdol8E9h https://t.co/EVyK8kj0BA
Even #data specialists say it's a challenge to keep up with #tech advances: https://t.co/WNwmmkxISA https://t.co/JnRypRmQHp
More than half of #retailers in North America offer same-day delivery, a new survey found: https://t.co/IcBfA5Pz2K https://t.co/0jjuq2G9QB
Not surprisingly, #millennials skew higher when it comes to planning on a smartphone purchase:… https://t.co/KD2nzxufeA
More than half of retailers offer same-day #delivery: https://t.co/ySUuD9BiUM https://t.co/UT7qnD0RkN
#China's digital video #ad spending will overtake #TV by 2021: https://t.co/TEBm8OgcMj https://t.co/55H1RaZTQM
The first place consumers plan to put spare cash is into #savings, a study found: https://t.co/E5HQAyXmIc https://t.co/ceU6QVHFtV
Biometric technology will soon be ubiquitous on #smartphones: https://t.co/lV2HjDXBuy https://t.co/uRMnhWxNtf
Here's how @WeChatApp "mini programs" help offline #retail in #China: https://t.co/mPmDJZbD53 https://t.co/74KBT70k16
#Smartphones with biometrics will soon be the norm: https://t.co/on2rPWKN14 https://t.co/mfgxpos5CZ

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