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RT @Sonikku_a: Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego. https://t.co/xkadJmPkRg
@DStv_Kenya (8 days later) still remaining patient and waiting for Eric to follow up on order #7739 nkt.
@ri_yaz hahaha… those limewire downloads 😆
@ri_yaz @AleksGee 😂😂😂 Mombasaaa!
@DStv_Kenya what’s the update on order #7739 please?? (6 days later)
@ri_yaz Congratulations!! 😃 welcome to the club bro!
Just received an SMS from 1st Jan 1970 on my @AIRTEL_KE phone… lol. @MsWambu it has finally worked.
“@AngelaBrisk: Found a brand new way to get your snacks into a movie https://t.co/bqJNMonZGV” cc. @MsWambu
Hehe.. KPCE results out already while most vijana are still on that njahi diet..
@KenyaPower_Care can I get the token number for account 37183207879 please. Used MPESA paybill 888880 to buy and have waited long enough.
“Kenya police firing in the air to disperse demonstrators..” at an airport. Not so wise me thinks. #JKIA
“@ElizLanders: New into @CNN: US lifts restrictions on importing elephant trophies from Zimbabwe & Zambia” huh?
RT @jandotony: If I was @UKenyatta,I would ensure all the judges ain't available to hear the cases tomorrow. Boss, take charge. Make the he…
@ri_yaz 😂😂😂 sounds like Dishi
RT @ri_yaz: I just showed my boss “the Gazette notice” ... & he told me we’re working kesho nikitaka holiday I apply at the Government Pri…
RT @Gishuvski: Unanunua gazeti unasoma mpaka classifieds unakosa kitu ya maana, lakini ngoja upatane na ile ya kufungiwa nyama..mpaka food…
Quite a peaceful Sunday. Prayers work. #iPrayForKenya

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