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RT @archillect: https://t.co/bFfOugPCn6
RT @famitsu: 『PixelJunk』シリーズ初のスマホゲーム『Eden Obscura』、カメラ機能を使った独創的なビジュアルを紹介【A 5th of BitSummit】 https://t.co/1ZbxQeaLaf https://t.co/hM74ax55KW
RT @theHenryDemos: Meeting the cats at @fangamer was a huge highlight of #BitSummit! They are some of the most talented beautiful people on…
@starkweatherTD @PixelJunkNews it's on Wii-U!
@jamesbobbo Haha DJ DCUT in da house ;)
RT @archillect: https://t.co/xOjri2n4f9
RT @ManMadeMoon: Good decision making chief Turnip. A bald guy & one with his hair covered just suckered you into touching an electric glo…
RT @echolevel: Made a TTF reconstruction of the Protracker font to use in my config editor. Nostalgic dorks can get it free here: https://t…
RT @JPMajor: Uncalibrated, processed raw image from @NASAJuno's P6 pass of Jupiter on May 19, 2017 https://t.co/EN2K9zQltl
RT @kenwongart: That moment when you realise you're the Slippy of the group #NITW #StarFox https://t.co/DwBkjGIFuQ
RT @game_watch: 【A 5th Of BitSummit】スマホのカメラからの映像を使ったエフェクトが斬新なPixelJunkシリーズ新作「Eden Obscura」  https://t.co/v6NAV6ryml https://t.co/aRequqv6gS
RT @ATYPE808: Here's our amazing team at @ViteiBackroom who made Paper Garden, winner of #BitSummit Media Choice Award. @fishtopher @peters…
@DJmizuhara Thanks that's awesome!
RT @GregRicey: Thanks for the happy @BitSummit times y'all! https://t.co/EOxuNyfd4o
RT @ViteiBackroom: No words for how happy we are right now - #PaperGarden just won Famitsu's Media Highlight Award at #Bitsummit! https://t…
RT @soulsqueezer: 「Eden Obscura」の紹介ステージをみてます

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