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RT @archillect: https://t.co/QW6gO74XoE
RT @hot_piping: The ZX Spectrum is 35 years old. I really can't express to you in words what that computer means to me so I'll just leave t…
RT @j76newton: (。・д・)=3けっぷ #トゥモローチルドレン https://t.co/GclCIqSB7G
RT @ttc_citizen: #トゥモローチルドレン https://t.co/ArdI1yUCJm
@emanuelmaiberg @jamesmielke I think you can still find that on YouTube, it has awesome chip tunes by Jason degroot
@emanuelmaiberg @jamesmielke The one where I talk about X too ?
@2017Yokoyan Ooh, inside it?
knitted Matryoshka dolls from The Tomorrow Children, I want one! (or three) https://t.co/qPigxoPywy
Come and help Jamie #トゥモローチルドレン #トモチル https://t.co/sYtOUMcZLK
@theHenryDemos @baiyon Oh it's on switch too?
@theHenryDemos @baiyon Oh you're up there? Yeah it's like a dream up there
@theHenryDemos Yeah @baiyon wouldn't go anywhere near that
RT @voidshaper: Reading up on the PDP-11 minicomputer system and the module control panels are all absolutely gorgeous! https://t.co/8dzJMl…
Puts us all in perspective https://t.co/PJ6F7igJOm
RT @zozi009: これイカスな!スタジオも不用になるのかな?・・・動き回るスペースはいるか。キャプチャーはどうやってのかな。 https://t.co/dHDWRnHErG
Douglas slocombe was truly a master https://t.co/EFDvPxWdhF
RT @rng0226: 休憩なう#トゥモローチルドレン #PS4share https://t.co/1ZrK3IE1o8
@reinia777 ちょっと笑っちゃった
@theHenryDemos Say hi from me
@2017Yokoyan 素晴らしい!

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