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@mrrayjfield never been away mr field ;) and the vote was worthy of commenting. any news on what happened? is it all over now?
@mrrayjfield @shepwaydc Ray - is this not a good thing?????
@shepwaydc Why????? We need to work together! Is there a breakdown of the voting please?
Will we see a #SouthThanetByElection? Expenses will be something all parties will need to look closely at https://t.co/BlsS2gNMyi
just changed over to this account. sorry if i ramble on. but nice to say hello again : )
@BeardyManDan Welcome to Thanet - its lovely. Beautiful people. Beautiful sunshine & beaches. Beautiful places. #NicePartOfTown
@BeardyManDan @ITWThanet I just had to log into this account... #FokWeekIsFunWeek. Good music. Festival you can sleep at your own bed
@AnnaChlumsky @ZooeyDeschanel you two make me laugh. lots. thank you x (ps veep is kinda better coz its basically the thick of it)
i mainly now tweet at @ITWThanet - but I may switch to this account soon. <3 thanet
logged into this account for the first time in months. more at @itwThanet. still not a fan of twittor...
Dear @willscobie. Proud of you tonight. If only more could get over party politics, #Thanet would benefit. And congrats to the new Scobie :D
@CliveHart can i lol at this one?
@CliveHart thanks for the preview of your gazette piece. top skillz
@maljb11 Clear question - do you see the irony in your letter in light of earlier comments about Clive finding me "tedious"? Clear answr pls
@maljb11 the only politics I care about are those of Thanet. But you are dodging the question. Again I ask if you think this is ok?No irony?
same question @maljb11. Is it ok for @CliveHart to block locals but not ok for @LauraSandysMP to ignore your tweets? http://t.co/ILnhvMUQPo
@margatearchi @ThanetCouncil is this a template that hasnt been adapted?
@EricPickles @margatearchi Eric. Sorry to bother you but we have a crazy council down here. Can you help please?
@EricPickles @margatearchi @GBPizzaCo @SimonMoores @GazetteMargate I was thrown out for typing! They suspected filming. Is this right?
@SimonMoores i was at the back. I was typing. Do you agree people shouldnt type during meetings?

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