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RT @wikileaks: RELEASE: CIA 'ELSA' malware can geolocate your Windows laptop or desktop by listening to surrounding WiFi signals https://t.…
@SwiftOnSecurity Yes. https://t.co/mNwuiH9Atc
Gear S2/S3: The Original Fidget Spinner™
@MediumFidelity @McCarron https://t.co/4u2L6vEKsP
@McCarron Wild. do they normalize periodically via gps? Different size rims would skew those #'s right?
@McCarron Yea I was just thinking the same limitations making your phone gps inaccurate would apply to the ecu also
RT @msuiche: Ransomwares and hackers are becoming the scapegoats of nation state attackers. Petya is a wiper not a ransomware. https://t.co…
👨‍⚕️🛑🔵💐- https://t.co/tcWKFgRJ2l
RT @kylegriffin1: This is a moment to watch and remember. https://t.co/Ld6EGfwiPx
RT @outline: You knew Apple’s new reality show was bad. But, did you know just how bad? https://t.co/uiwSzu9hT9 https://t.co/GHzp9YUGYG
RT @ericgeller: This Trump Hall of Presidents drama is ~incredible~. https://t.co/HwMfynO4IC https://t.co/6tiKknIPcY
RT @felix_schwarz: Rumor: Apple planning to deprecate KEXTs in 10.14,has supposedly told devs so @ WWDC Labs. Can anybody confirm? Src: htt…
RT @Mark_Whitelegge: The internet, so glorious https://t.co/5LsOEMUAAy
RT @goldengateblond: an exact replica of every argument with a Trump supporter https://t.co/veG9pNBqpy
RT @sugarraybuzzard: https://t.co/2OVzq5zx0k
@b3ll Have you seen a side by side of the 12.9 1st and 2nd gen? Contemplating an upgrade.. 🤔
RT @darth: was not a supporter of the idea of a courtroom sketch artist in the white house briefing room but this is pretty good tbh https:…

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iPhone/mac developer, drum&bass dubstep enthusiast, and occasionally sell my soul making software for other pocket sized computers email:drunknbass@me.com

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