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So what's the trick to make public release Xcode behave with 10.1?
RT @RealShigeruM: Mario on the Nintendo Switch looks amazi- https://t.co/T28m3UUKEP
I’m sure there is a perfectly valid explanation for why live photos are only supported on the smaller iPad pro… 👌
RT @xwnklmnx: this is a photo of my homey grant with trumps kid at in-n-out & trumps kid is drinking lemonade outta the free water cup... h…
I haven’t created a new class in obj-c in 6 months… 😢 https://t.co/m6KmvADqY8
RT @TechCrunch: Watch live as two spacecraft make it to Mars starting at 9 AM ET https://t.co/hq51npMRkT by @etherington https://t.co/IwvgY…
RT @cathy_birdy: Tip: When composing a new message, type a period to reveal most recently messaged contacts. https://t.co/I6jEaP48dm
@flyosity I've been using it just a tad over 12 and I also have a hard time with sketch. 😬
RT @ThePracticalDev: Just doing a bit of shell scripting 🐢 https://t.co/NTLtCywCKf
RT @shaunspalding: https://t.co/6XIrHyAvb0 This is the most well considered take on the overwhelming majority of Trump's supporters I've ev…
💸 https://t.co/38cAyBZMup
I have found 4 phones exploding in my office this week all plugged in + charging via totally different methods. I can’t figure it out… 😳
Alex Trebek Hilariously Shits On Jeopardy! Contestant And Her Whole Crew For No Reason https://t.co/xcQMytCVrl
Apple, Google and Samsung walk into a bar... https://t.co/WuYffAmc8x
This case is legit! Qi with lightning passthrough. Partially blocked the camera on the phone 7 though 😖 https://t.co/yqd1oFj9Dq
@EvilPenguin_ that's what I wanted to happen 😂
@EvilPenguin_ For similar fun do this kinda stuff in the message sticker UI after expanding.
QA much? @#ios10 https://t.co/9nJi67XXu7
@flyosity They said I had to pay $90 for a battery and they'd give me a new 5s..... but what if i just don't want mine to self destruct?..
@flyosity I thought letting lithium batteries sit dead ruined them so I leave my dev phones docked and charged. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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iPhone/mac developer, drum&bass dubstep enthusiast, and occasionally sell my soul making software for other pocket sized computers email:drunknbass@me.com

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