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RT @ViraIScience: Why do dogs tilt their heads? https://t.co/8WqHh6qbXr
RT @ViraIScience: Do dogs see in black and white? https://t.co/ElHhlFnRG0
RT @ViraIScience: This is how dogs make you happy https://t.co/BHDu0W3en4
RT @ViraIScience: 8 animals more likely to kill you than sharks https://t.co/tMzp8oqssz
Adorable little rhino galloping down the road. https://t.co/nzb3Jd6q3X
RT @ViraIScience: We just discovered something about bees.. https://t.co/k5DpcBAotg
RT @ViraIScience: This is what happens when scientists are Harry Potter fans https://t.co/pZ63nQOnrX
RT @ViraIScience: This is why every family needs a dog https://t.co/TwLEgkssUM
RT @feel: Lawyers waiting outside of terminal 6 at LAX offering help https://t.co/lHkR17OMXp
RT @survive: PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE TONIGHT Take a free Uber instead. Use promo code: uberiamfree Retweet to save a life.
RT @MeetRescueDogs: Meet Professor. He was too weak to eat. This is him only 4 months after being rescued! https://t.co/v93FcVUhkN
RT @ThingsWork: This is how self-driving cars would work at an intersection http://t.co/7zeLpaMQpW

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