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@Thompson_Tee hi there! Of course, please email eddie@dpfoc.com and he would be delighted to help! Thank you.
@AdRoll you have the worst customer support of any company I've dealt with..you should rebrand as "customer disaster team"
@AdRoll I went to use your "live" chat, typed in my message and then got a reply saying that you'd be right back to me! That's not live!!
@AdRoll so your customer delight team doesn't answer the phone. That is actually funny.
@AdRoll Called your Dublin, London and New York offices and literally none of them answered the phone! Please advise?#CustomerDelight #joke
RT @olympia_london: Day one of @RtlDesignExpo @rbtexpo Check out some of our favourite photos so far... #RDE2016 #RBTE2016 https://t.co/PNi…
#RBTE2016 Facebook users view more than 4 Billion videos A DAY! https://t.co/QHPVGylIYc
RT @BoxingNAV: @dpfoc #VoteBoxingNAV
Delighted to see the @dpfoc diaspora doing so well! #VoteBoxingNAV @BoxingNAV
@bellingisima thank you Emily
RT @bellingisima: Cool @dpfoc #infographic comparing #Facebook & #Snapchat, from their founders to features https://t.co/nRzGndw0lp #social…
RT @hotel_speak: Global Hotel Industry Trends for 2016 https://t.co/JgdqsBGk4T (via @dpfoc) #Hotels #Trends2016
RT @siliconrepublic: #BlackFriday - Its impact on the US retail market (infographic) https://t.co/QAPQX3sog1
@HotelMinder thank you :)
RT @HotelMinder: Great info graphic showcasing every part of an hotel internet marketing: http://t.co/wDsPe9z2lt by @dpfoc
RT @Robelen: Digital Marketing Daily from experts | http://t.co/YDyD1ah9wD Stories via @Brett_Hunter @alexavery @dpfoc
How the selfie culture is changing the way young women shop. #onlineretail #ecommerce http://t.co/qxyrWvMovK via @MailOnline
RT @UK_Marketer: The #Social Media Marketing Daily is out! http://t.co/ScNvZjHjWv Stories via @digitaltrivone @TheIMRealm @dpfoc
Create shareable #content to grow your #Twitter following - helpful article from @CraigMCF5 http://t.co/NBD2dIlxP0 #SocialMediaMarketing
@baawraman thanks Salik.

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