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BBC #News UK Edition Russia hacking claims: US intelligence chiefs to brief Trump
BBC #News UK Edition Ivory Coast's Bouake, Daloa and Korogho hit by shooting
BBC #News UK Edition Fewer foreigners visit Paris art galleries
BBC #News UK Edition Drugs gang 'kills 33 inmates' in Brazilian jail
BBC #News UK Edition US 'identifies agents behind Russian DNC attack'
BBC #News UK Edition Syria conflict: Russia 'starts to reduce forces'
BBC #News UK Edition Japan recalls envoy over sex slave statue
BBC #News UK Edition British doctors travel to Syria with 'People's Convoy'
BBC #News UK Edition Russian hacking claims: Joe Biden tells Trump to 'grow up'
BBC #News UK Edition Bangladesh cafe attack suspect killed in gunfight, say police
BBC #News UK Edition Indian actor Om Puri dies aged 66 - Leading Indian actor Om Puri, star of British hit East...
BBC #News UK Edition Venezuela helicopter crash survivors rescued after six days
BBC #News UK Edition Russian hacking claims: US spy chief promises Putin motive
BBC #News UK Edition Africa's top shots: 30 December 2016 - 6 January 2017
BBC #News UK Edition Thousands of plastic toy eggs wash up after Germany storm
BBC #News UK Edition Israel PM Netanyahu questioned again in corruption probe
BBC #News UK Edition Guantanamo Bay releases continue as Yemenis arrive in Saudi Arabia
BBC #News UK Edition Four charged with hate crime for Chicago Facebook Live attack
BBC #News UK Edition Bin Laden's son Hamza 'actively engaged' in terrorism
BBC #News UK Edition Japanese insurance firm replaces 34 staff with AI

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