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Seeing The Thrilling Adventure Hour at the Ace Theatre in L.A. So much fun in person! @ The…
Amazon Brick-and-Mortar Book Store
Apparently I celebrate Independence with a Mango Margarita. @ Casa Guadalajara
So no BUTTERFLY BUFFET then? @ Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA
News about backed up TSA lines, plus anecdotes from friends. Line short as we've ever seen when in line very much prior to flight. Sigh.
@bdf2 And isn’t that what really counts?
Apple iPad Pro After Three Months
Lego Mindstorms EV3 and ev3dev
@kittycoyne Well, maybe Canada.
@bdf2 It is! Occasionally I open the app, and am forever surprised.
@Adebisibg sure?
@nattiemcfee You are welcome?
Whoa - looks like Twitter is still a thing! Who knew.
Sixteen degrees out as we careen through the deep dark desert towards SoCal. Oh San Diego, we are looking forward to your climate!
Nice of Hertz to endanger our lives by saving pennies by using water instead of windshield washer fluid in the van we rented. #Hertz
Seems like most of the country is having crazy weather. Hwy 70 closed in St. Louis - madness!
View from the Del. Great place to spend a couple days! @ Hotel del Coronado
Lua Web Server
Apple iPad Pro Review

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