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When the poor are happy it is often because it comes from inside, they have less to rely on outside of themselves... http://t.co/Oqr4NPflQo
When you can't understand why all your achievements have not bought you happiness ask yourself why the poor of... http://t.co/XqH2mo0j83
When we become too certain about our conclusions we can get lost in our private, perfect mis-directed world.#empathy
You will find out how right you are as soon as you share your knowledge with others who are not afraid to speak the truth.#empathy
Just because you think you have the answers doesn't make listening dispensable.#empathy
We can do so much good for ourselves and others when we stop being distracted by the minor issues we make major.#empathy
We are all more lovable when we give up the compulsion to be right and the compulsion to be perfect.#empathy
Power and prestige blind many to the value of humility and goodness.#empathy
The truth is rarely discovered at the top, its down at the bottom that suffering reveals wisdom.#empathy
When we uncover the goodness within we lose our self centered perspective and we realize the suffering of the... http://t.co/FE1gHKCJ3N
Our false self is full of ideas that tell us what we need to do to be loved, our true self has no concerns as... http://t.co/qJNFwewelj
When you stop protecting the need for self image your true self emerges.#empathy
Goodness has nothing to do with your performance, it is an unearned gift. You were born with goodness in your... http://t.co/G4WU53kHGI
My latest article on Acts of Grace at... http://t.co/eT2TvfcVBJ
Anger Makes Love Invisible http://t.co/ISJkXAOvNB via @docapc
When we offer our care and concern to only those in our family, our tribe, our neighborhood, or our country, the... http://t.co/5CvzZA6Mtn
With empathy love issues forth from humility, the understanding that, when we strip away our titles and... http://t.co/N4WGLrrjyl
The ability to take another's perspective, accurately inferring their thoughts and feelings, is acquired... http://t.co/t9GlHXrBCE
Perhaps the deepest level of acceptance we discover in life is the wholehearted embracing of both the joy and... http://t.co/AIcuOlYKrj
Teach yourself to ask with every painful or disappointing encounter-What can I learn from this experience? #empathy

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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