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The key to feeling alive is accepting who you are, where you are, what you are, and who loves and respects you.#goodness
When we are not trapped in the identity of success and failure our potential is released.#goodness
Emotional blindness occurs when we are absolutely certain who we are and who others are.#goodness
Our prejudices often arise as a reaction to a changing world.#goodness
The foundation of wisdom is being able to slow down, and open our heart and mind to what is happening to us at this very moment.#goodness
Growth occurs when we work with rather than struggle against what we perceive as unacceptable in ourselves.#goodness
The journey to self-growth involves uncovering your hidden potential not obsessing about your mistakes and imperfections.#goodness
Omega 3 fatty acids improve memory, mood and cognitive functions,15 to 20% of the brains' cerebral cortex... http://t.co/ofDYrNdUXH
Study by Harvard School of Public Health indicates women who drank two or three cups of regular coffee a day... http://t.co/tadF4HbKMT
We all have blind spots, rather than putting energy into remaining blind why not open your heart to feedback you desperately need.#goodness
Every time your sensitivities get touched you are looking in a giant mirror reflecting back what aspects of your... http://t.co/i1CQs8evW0
The amount of people indicating they have no close friends has tripled since 1985, what is happening in our... http://t.co/5QO5UclHgu
One quarter of Americans say they trust no one to share their most intimate thoughts.#goodness
80% of Americans say the only people they feel close enough to confide in are their own family.#goodness
A study in Lancet of 9000 individuals, those who had the most meaning and purpose in their lives lived the longest.#goodness
Recent national study indicates one in five US adults suffer from depression, 43 million Americans had... http://t.co/SoLyQ5nyOV
We are Good by Nature http://t.co/BwiFUoZiyL via @docapc
A Crisis of Goodness in America http://t.co/pURaqLjc8z via @docapc
If you self worth is easily tarnished, if you grew up feeling ‘not good enough’, it is quite easy to lose your... http://t.co/wSAdbr2m8s
Stress hormones shut downs cognitive regions of the brain, affecting our ability to perceive accurately, remember... http://t.co/98Up7GcS3w

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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