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Closing down and avoiding contact causes emotional pain to escalate.#empathy
Once we start blaming our minds become very small. #empathy
Holding on, refusing to let go of old conditioning blocks opportunities for acquriing wisdom.#empathy
Sometimes what we imagine to honesty is merely a thin disguise for disaproval and censure.#emapthy
The challenge when in conflict is to learn how to communicate our thoughts and feelings in helpful rather than... http://t.co/LuLXKKDnP5
Dishonesty, pride, perfectionism, intoleracne, greed,skepticism, despair, and bitterness isolate and alienate us... http://t.co/8fJ5NWE6Fr
By remaining in the prison of our prejudices we create a closed-minded view of the world that leads to chronic confusion and fear.#empathy
Erecting barriers between yourself and others is a great mistake, erecting barriers between your true self and an... http://t.co/EJ7PvLJQyz
Beyond the surface of anger is where fear resides.#empathy
Many thanks to Shane Victorino, great player, great character, you will be missed.
Fear is highly correlated with the need to control, when we let go and let others be themselves we become ourselves in the process.#empathy
We cannot avoid or change the realities of life- we all live and we will all die. How we live and how we die is a... http://t.co/F924MDjSsP
If we remain open to what we fear we will reduce our tendency to avoid and hide.#empathjh
The people who irritate us tell us the most about our struggles.#empathy
A life free of mistakes is a life devoid of wisdom.#empathy
Forgiveness cleanses and releases, allowing us to grow, moving into ourselves and beyond ourselves to become all... http://t.co/8vwa4MT9x5
Solitude is difficult to bear for the unforgiving, who find each silent moment another opportunity to revisit the pain of the past.#empathy
Prejudice and hostility go hand and hand with a fragile sense of self.#empathy
When you believe in your own self worth and value you have far less need to tear down others in order to maintain a false image.#empathy
The stronger a person's sense of self the less hostility is shown to members of groups other than his/her own.#empathy

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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