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When we are absolutely sure who we are and who we think others are we become blind to the ongoing process of discovery.#goodness
Without the awareness and resolution of the hurts we suffered at certain times in our childhood, adolescence and... http://t.co/CtzGZpZJgo
All parents should be committed to not making disparaging comments about any particular group or individual for... http://t.co/dOORg66HEW
Hatred is seldom about the person it is directed to, the owner is often the sender.#goodness
Critically important study from University of Bordeaux-people who take benzodiazepines(Klonopin, Ativan etc) for... http://t.co/jW4VVj2Tw0
When you enjoy the process your view of the outcome becomes secondary.#goodness
Teach your children resentment and you will harden their hearts and limit their opportunities for love.#goodness
The salve for hatred, prejudice and terrorism is an open mind.#goodness
Whenever you are offended ask yourself if the person in question intentionally wanted to hurt you- if we all did... http://t.co/nR4e1ZfkeD
You cannot mature, grow and gain wisdom without developing a tolearance for ambiguity-being able to cope with the... http://t.co/Bfenqe2AET
"Performance Addiction: Our Secret Obsession" at http://t.co/g7ksnGOyd8
My latest article, "Performance Addiction: Our Secret Obsession" can be read... http://t.co/SxWbA1uGVt
Recent study at Tufts indicates those with the highest levels of DHA from Omega 3's had a 47% reduced risk of... http://t.co/fOxDmukDbt
When we make peace with trivia we begin to notice the profound.#goodness
If you are feeling helpless become helpful.#goodness
I have never known a person who knows how to listen deeply who doesn't have friends.#goodness
University of Michigan study indicates the more people used Facebook the worse they felt, this finding was due to... http://t.co/cED7JyoOuX
Johns Hopkins study indicates psychotherapy is more effective than anti-anxiety meds or both combined. #goodness
The greatest opportunities for self knowledge occur when we love and when we suffer.#goodness
Suffering has an advantage-it takes us out of our heads and into our hearts where softness and authenticity reside.#goodness

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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