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Our body is changed by the food we eat, our brain is changed by how we interpret experiences we have.#empathy
When we recall past failures with present criticism we deepen the wound and lower our mood, if we interject... http://t.co/8OgJJFEIaA
Negative emotions restrict range of thought and lead to action with limited awareness.#emapthy
Black and white thinking promotes thoughtless action at the expense of perceiving the gray aspects of life.#empathy
When we get out of our self absorbed world and make room for others we uncover the goodness that always resides within us.#empathy
When we don't have to prove anything or defend anything we gain strength to cope with the stressors of the world.#empathy
Being able to let go in situations we do not cause or control saves an inordinate amount of energy.#empathy
The overly sensitive often expect the world to know of their fragility and adjust accordingly.#empathy.
When we are too preoccupied with self image we try desperately to hide from others and more importantly from ourselves.#empathy
Getting to know one person who threatens you is a move toward self assurance.#empathy
If you are afraid of a certain race or a certain religion the most courageous thing you can do is move in that direction.#empathy
Sadness drags us out of our heads and into our hearts, where truth is revealed.#empathy
We look past appearances we find the truth.#empathy
In our current society we have much more information but do we have more wisdom? #empathy
Happiness is an inside journey, looking outside for more stimulating experiences to lift your mood is a formula for addiction.#empathy
When our self worth is dependant on getting more and doing more the climb to the top is eternally higher than your human reach.#empathy
The compulsion to be right is the biggest ego trip.#empathy

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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