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The way to discover faith(and then to practice it) is to have your doubts. Face the crisis, don't run from it.... http://t.co/qdSHG9ph6W
Faith is often discovered in darkness, when we feel lost and afraid, unsure of ourselves and our place in the world.#empathy
Only when you doubt can you discover real faith-not the faith of dogma and doctrine- but the faith that comes... http://t.co/xm2ZWJSN0W
Lying to ourselves has far greater consequences than lying to others.#empathy
All true wisdom-and the ability to get along with each other is certainly an important manifestation of wisdom-is... http://t.co/Nj0hZyjJId
Many people confuse honesty with a subtle or not so subtle form of humiliation, believing that only by tearing... http://t.co/6hBJzFkNh4
Anxiety lessens when we express ourselves fully and honestly, keeping your thoughts to yourself is a waist of your potential.#empathy
Self absorption prevents us from taking action, without action growth is non-existant. We all know what we need... http://t.co/ihH7GIPruK
If you allow yourself to tolerate the calm of silence you will feel your natural goodness throughout your body and mind.#empathy
We are in unity with our soul when we rid of yourselves of the false self and let our natural goodness shine.
When we don't have to prove anything or defend anything we become stronger and free of coercion.#empathy
The universal language of the soul is compassion, kindness and empathy for all human beings regardless of unique... http://t.co/xXkubjzTCK
The greatest understanding arrives when we realize how we hurt others and ourselves, the greatest action comes... http://t.co/ujwPSKeuMt
When we become entrenched in our own narrow concerns tunnel vision results and we ignore the possibility of... http://t.co/BkQpVz5YWB
Empathy leads to tolerance, which can be defined as the willingness to put up with differences: as empathy... http://t.co/ICh5Uksb0J
Many people are willing listeners, but they interrupt, go on tangents, offer advice, and pronounce judgements- in... http://t.co/WHqTjSnxW0
Tolerance involves the ability to listen, which is not the same as the willingness to listen.#empathy
With empathy, we do not step into others' experience to see it with our eyes-empathy demands that we see it with their eyes.#empathy
Critical people are insecure people.If you spend a lot of time criticizing or censuring other people's behavior... http://t.co/QzHxSa00Va
Honesty seeks to reveal what is concealed. Look for the hidden places, first in yourself, only then in others.... http://t.co/D94Z9Jp7gs

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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