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Wisdom reminds us of our childhood when our minds were open to the world.#goodness
Wisdom flourishes as tempers decrease and a calm, thoughtful mind becomes dominant.#goodness
Being afraid to say what you want builds distance in every intimate relationship.#goodness
Regret is often caused by speaking in anger.#goodness
You cannot come to known yourself without asserting yourself.#goodness
How interesting that a person's life is most remembered by their little known acts of kindness and compassion . #goodness
Why is it, in our current culture, that people are astonished by those who do the right thing day after day... http://t.co/iXP6EJtqQl
We reinforce bad habits because they provide temporary relief, addictions of all kinds seduce us and then destroy us.#goodness
The continual search for something better depreciates our current reality. #goodness
An aggressive mind creates suffering within and with those encountered. #goodness
In the name of being kind some people let others walk all over them. #goodness
Emotional freedom results when we have the ability to maintain faith in ourselves and integrity in our behavior... http://t.co/vD5q1Igfnu
When we become fixated on how correct our perspectives of life are we become very narrow minded, prejudicial and... http://t.co/jt6QUYSW3P
A soft, calm place exists in all of us, authenticity allows its expression. #goodness
When we tolerate emotional pain without condemning and justifying we open the soft place within all of us where goodness lives.#goodness
False certainty closes the mind and causes suffering for all involved.#goodness
As soon as we feel justified to blame our minds become very small.#goodness
Avoidance can be immensely destructive but when we are willing to be open and face what scares us we diminish the... http://t.co/NSSMKvLnsK
When we view out thoughts and emotions with acceptance and understanding we stop struggling against ourselves.#goodness
We think a static world will make us feel secure not realizing a changing world is the only hope for growth and happiness. #goodness

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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