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When we become fixated on how correct our perspectives of life are we become very narrow minded, prejudicial and... http://t.co/jt6QUYSW3P
A soft, calm place exists in all of us, authenticity allows its expression. #goodness
When we tolerate emotional pain without condemning and justifying we open the soft place within all of us where goodness lives.#goodness
False certainty closes the mind and causes suffering for all involved.#goodness
As soon as we feel justified to blame our minds become very small.#goodness
Avoidance can be immensely destructive but when we are willing to be open and face what scares us we diminish the... http://t.co/NSSMKvLnsK
When we view out thoughts and emotions with acceptance and understanding we stop struggling against ourselves.#goodness
We think a static world will make us feel secure not realizing a changing world is the only hope for growth and happiness. #goodness
Our prejudices and maladaptive patterns partly arise from the fear and inability to deal with an ever changing world. #goodness
As we age the likelihood that our brain will be balanced without consistent aerobic exercise is slim. #goodness
Many people don't realize that the words of the authorities they have relied on have become their own internal records.#goodness
Sadness is an important emotion, it slows us down to learn what our heart is saying.#goodness
Most people fear mortality, love is the only true soothing agent.#goodness
Understanding deepens when we love openly.#goodness
When we move from being driven to being drawn to the goodness in the world we move from being selfish to selfless. #goodness
If you tend to react with intense anxiety when presented with conflict those close to you will avoid opening up.#goodness
Those with wisdom and patience view mistakes as transformative.#goodness
Mistakes are an opportunity to liberate, enlighten and change ourselves rather than opportunities to feed... http://t.co/9lOUxS7tzg
The ego driven are drawn to worry and problems, the soulful are drawn to meaning and understanding.#goodness
Gossip is the tool of the fragile and envious.#goodness

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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