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People who consistently acquire wisdom have the ability to tolerate the tension and complications of... http://t.co/lntWSTgtz5
Wisdom seems to escape those with the greatest need to be and belief that they are right.#empathy
Swedish study-800 women tracked for 40 years, those who suffered from significant stress were 21% more likely to... http://t.co/G5srXPGpBV
http://t.co/0G2k2VcV6H and I have developed a new section called Empathic CBT, a tool combing empathy, neuroscience and cognitive therapy.
Empathy, which is the act and the process of enlarging our perspective by looking at the world through other... http://t.co/u82AjKR4Om
Tolerance looks beyond the superficial outer layers-the color of people's skin, the neighborhood they live in,... http://t.co/6OKomOtPeT
Empathy creates a closeness to others, not just with those who are like us, but a connection based on the... http://t.co/JUOD2NE31h
Two reliable ways of reducing stress-aerobic exercise and accurate perceiving.#empathy
The search for power and prestige allow us to hide our fears in an endless quest for self worth.#empathy
Many people are mis-guided by being in love with images and possessions, others prefer to being in love with the... http://t.co/9J1FfRIUqR
Stress isn't just bad for our physical and mental health -- it may also inhibit our ability to empathize with... http://t.co/bAiIww8sRP
Gratitude arises not when we measure our lives against a standard of perfection but when we take the time to... http://t.co/lk7qIZSASO
When are perfectionistic tendencies prevent us from seeing all new learning as a process we defeat ourselves from... http://t.co/KyU8vsdgEU
Complacency is when we think we know everything about the other person, leaving no room for growth and surprise.#empathy
Honest interactions require that we acknowledge any preexisting stereotypes or biases that might impair our understanding of others.#empathy
Heartless truth telling is not the way of empathy and compassion.#empathy
Many people confuse honesty with a subtle form of humiliation, believing that only by tearing people down can we... http://t.co/hxnTzVv8SG
Acquiring information is not equivalent to transformation.#empathy
Pride has the capacity to destroy love and harden your soul.#empathy

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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