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University of Michigan study indicates the more people used Facebook the worse they felt, this finding was due to... http://t.co/cED7JyoOuX
Johns Hopkins study indicates psychotherapy is more effective than anti-anxiety meds or both combined. #goodness
The greatest opportunities for self knowledge occur when we love and when we suffer.#goodness
Suffering has an advantage-it takes us out of our heads and into our hearts where softness and authenticity reside.#goodness
A study at the University of Warwick found that 33.5 percent of respondents with high mental well-being ate five... http://t.co/VVahoxjuPV
High intakes of takeaway food, red and processed meat, soft drink, fried and refined food has been linked with... http://t.co/q7kiDciDCV
When we categorize people to protect our fear of difference we diminish ourselves and the entire human race.#goodness
Noticing and changing the times you become defensive is a giant step toward growth.#goodness
Startling statistic- 50% of college students indicate they are suffering from anxiety.#goodness
Addictions provide temporary relief and destroy our faith in the process that produces lasting happiness.#goodness
Our prejudices are fueled by fear of not knowing how to cope with a changing world. #goodness
So many people are not as great as they want to be nor as bad as they think they are. #goodness
Some people make their depression a religion, holding on tightly to their negative view of the world as they... http://t.co/Kf953hdjk7
A cycle of achieving more and more to appease others is often mistaken for love and respect, as superficial... http://t.co/1qx5PjyRNz
The brain can be re-wired by stress, eroding connections between neurons, making us unable to think of new solutions.#goodness
When we accumulate stress hormones we limit our ability to think clearly and creatively. #goodness
Two thirds of visits to primary care doctors are anxiety and stress related.#goodness
It is hard work to neither obsess or deny but remain disciplined to allow just enough time to bear emotions to allow for clarity.
In the face of emotional difficulty expressing quickly is as unhealthy as repressing quickly, both tendencies... http://t.co/Jm5puEC20f
We try to make ourselves alive by obsessing about winning instead learning about loving.#goodness

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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