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It is hard work to neither obsess or deny but remain disciplined to allow just enough time to bear emotions to allow for clarity.
In the face of emotional difficulty expressing quickly is as unhealthy as repressing quickly, both tendencies... http://t.co/Jm5puEC20f
We try to make ourselves alive by obsessing about winning instead learning about loving.#goodness
A judging mind is alway comparing, competing and degrading.#goodness
Genuine intimacy will change each of us for the better, give in and let go and become enriched. #goodness
Many people are completely unaware that their excessive reliance on outer authority has now become a conditioned self voice.#goodness
One of my patients asked me today 'what is the one way to be that assures being loved and respected?' . My answer... http://t.co/ZswvoT4SNY
Most of life's difficulties are unfortunate situations not events caused by our personal feelings of being less than competent.#goodness
Violence is bred by fear, delusion and humiliation-the only way out is through empathy. #goodness
Being in love is the one experience that makes all human beings regain the pure heart we were born with.#goodness
Without an open mind you will miss all the nuances of beauty in our world.#goodness
Our souls are meant to expand our world while are ego's are meant to constrict and create a narrow mind.#goodness
If you take the energy you expend on denigrating yourself and use that energy to learn how to accept yourself... http://t.co/sXP443XYoF
When contemplation precedes action balance occurs, when action takes place without contemplation misunderstandings occur.#goodness
True love has no place for pride, when you are hurt by a loved one go to that person and ask for help rather than... http://t.co/PPFDSpLULR
Suffering nurtures our compassion for the pains of others as well as uncovering the soft part of ourselves.#goodness
If you want to maintain happiness you have to understand how to learn from pain and suffering.#goodness
You cannot grow without the ability to tolerate uncertainty while controlling anxiety and allowing for acceptance of not knowing.#goodness
Our ego's want control, our soul wants meaning.#goodness
Want to change your self voice from critical to understanding? Be open minded with everyone you encounter today... http://t.co/dZv6QE6f7Z

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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