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Read " Do You Need Inspiration for a Hopeful Holiday Season" at http://t.co/UEQYEL58JP
You can read my latest article "Do You Need Inspiration for a Hopeful Holiday Season" at... http://t.co/cKaPpShsNG
It is quite easy to lose our bearings in our fast paced world of competition and greed, we become too busy for... http://t.co/kewLRVDSKK
Magnesium, omega-3's, music, laughing, dancing all reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.#goodness
Gratitude is our response to the realization that we are dependent on each other-that we need each other if we... http://t.co/XLXS8emtlE
When we fail to see our lives as a process-a sequence of events, a work in progress-we tend to feel ungrateful.#goodness
Empathy is the spring from which gratitude flows.#goodness
Thanks-Giving, are you truly thankful for what you have been given that none of us have earned, some of us have... http://t.co/mGWwGDe5Fi
Blaming and entrenched justification for your views creates a very small mind.#goodness
Our prejudices and biases often arise from the anxiety of temporary uncertainty.
We discover our innate goodness when we stop trying to correct what is wrong with us and start discovering what is right about us.#goodness
A person who consistently expresses goodness is likely one who opposes oppression of all people and particularly... http://t.co/F2BMeeWKWe
Rigidity protects a fragile sense of self; it creates an artificial road map that gives an insecure person... http://t.co/NuYJTzvEZS
Perception and mood are closely related, when we feel understood and secure we are more likely to perceive... http://t.co/liYoC69Ya0
Fear creates anxiety, anxiety creates distorted thinking and ultimately distorted thinking creates an inflexible,... http://t.co/wmBJdm63fz
When hurts accumulate without a positive resolution we often lose ourselves in self-absorption and resentment.#goodness
People know when we are truly listening and they also know when we are simply re-loading, chomping at the bit to... http://t.co/hKWCdAp2zz
When we are absolutely sure who we are and who we think others are we become blind to the ongoing process of discovery.#goodness
Without the awareness and resolution of the hurts we suffered at certain times in our childhood, adolescence and... http://t.co/CtzGZpZJgo
All parents should be committed to not making disparaging comments about any particular group or individual for... http://t.co/dOORg66HEW

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Clinical psychologist,author and speaker.I focus on helping people shore up their sense of self and contribute to making a better world.

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