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RT @justiceleaguewb: Braver United #JusticeLeague #Batman #UniteTheLeague
@HPSupport @dmurphy26 Yes - thank you. I was out of the office yesterday so I just set it up today.
@HPSupport [I have an HP 4630 at home and I set up Eprint but I can't set up same printer at work.] #hpcspt #hpcon
@HPSupport [ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE] #hpcspt #hpcon
RT @HouseDemocrats: We stand with @repjohnlewis.
We as a company have been offering a lot of content for our followers to consume. My challenge is getting more…
Click Funnels is the reason I spent all of last year converting my websites over and Russel Brunson’s Book is The…
Click Funnels Changed My Life and How I run My Business
The #1 Fastest Way To Increase Conversions, Capture, Grow and Keep Your Customers Attention On Facebook Or Any…
As I have mentioned before I love to watch this show because it gives me an insight that I am able to apply to my…
Marcus Lemonis: Three traits separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest
Vacations Unlimited - Promotion via @YouTube
A sample of some of the animated Video Stingers, Intros, Outros and Social Media templates available. For more…
Dot Com Secrets Providence: Video Stingers For Local Business
With the recent loss of my brother the road I travel has been altered. I suppose I'm heading in the same direction…
How's your golf game?

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Real Estate Investor, Local Business Internet Marketing & Social Media Consultant. My goal is to enjoy life and retire in comfort. Characters welcome.

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