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@jbruin @MetaverseApp
@jbruin @MetaverseApp I'll have zuck tell you himself ;)
@jbruin @MetaverseApp Chocolate and peanut butter :)
@jbruin @MetaverseApp Ummm, we enthusiastically disagree :) It is GREAT news for us :D
RT @loic: “Metaverse at Conference Paris” by Jonathan Miller #leadersparis
@BNBuzz Authors are using Augmented Reality to make their stories come to life in the real world
Thirteen year old author (of two books), creates his own Augmented Reality scavenger hunt at Barnes & Noble @BNBuzz
Help El Chapo escape from jail. He needs our help!
@SanJoseSharks Excited about your puck hunt on Sunday. You should also consider doing it Pokemon style
@realDonaldTrump thanks for the invite, but your continued nastiness shows that there is nothing I can help with. I'm out! Have fun Wed!
Looking forward to a fun meeting on Wed :)
@sdtaconnect Exciting, sent you an email :)
RT @yoda: 💬 @dmitry's thoughts on Metaverse on @ProductHunt
RT @sdvg: Congrats @dmitry and the @Metaverse team! Off and running and making others run! San Diego's newest Series A co!…
If you want to get updates on new experiences that spawn in the Metaverse, follow @MetaverseApp. Help us spread the word please <3
Woke up to find @MetaverseApp #2 on ProductHunt, and a ton of requests for access to our MetaStudio. What would YOU create in AR?
💬 Raiza Abubakar's thoughts on Metaverse: "Pretty incredible share. Thanks Chris!..."
RT @yoda: when @dmitry first showed me the @MetaverseApp, i couldn't stop thinking about the stories you could tell using it…

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