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VIDEO: Koro Sun Resort http://tmogul.com/tweet/5LDNS
Diveme Fiji has released it’s very own “Dive E-Magazine” on Friday 23rd April
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'The Stairs' - The Stairs is a reef that is located in Tavueni, Fiji. ...http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=534....
'Rainbow Passage' - Rainbow Reef has a large variety of soft coral, tube corals, and large bommies.http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=538
'Barracudas' - A finned fish that goes up to 1.8m in length. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=541
'Golden Dream Reef' - This is a soft coral lovers paradise and is quite simply breath taking.http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=512
'Purple Wall' - The Purple Wall is located in Somosomo Strait, in Tavueni, Fiji. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=518
'Alice in Wonderland' - Fiji has a dive site called Alice in Wonderland..http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=523
"Nonillion Magical Microbes of the Ocean" - Powered microscopes used to see these celled organisms. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=527
'Jellyfish' - Known as jellies or sea jellies can be found in every...ocean.http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=502
'Koro Sea' - The Koro Sea lies between Viti Levu & the Lau Islands, surrounded by Fiji Archipelago. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=498
'Scorpionfish' - Scorpionfish are venomous with spines on their back and fins. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=495
'Manta Rays' - Manta Rays also known as “devil ray” vary in color from back, red-brown to greyblue. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=490
'Batfish' - Batfish, basically is a name given to a group of fish. http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=486
'Beautiful Mamanuca Islands' - Mamanuca Group of Islands is offshore from Nadi on the main island. It provides some... http://ff.im/jbTZI
'Beautiful Mamanuca Islands' - Located offshore from Nadi on the main island has great diving sites.http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=483
'Fiji Blue Devil Damsel Fish' - The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish have a dazzling look for blue sea beauty and are... http://ff.im/jbTuy
'Fiji Blue Devil Damsel Fish' - Have a dazzling look for blue sea beauty,found in the pacific ocean.http://www.fijime.com/diveme/blog/?p=480

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