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The lights at Saks! @ Saks Fifth Avenue https://t.co/0LUghMgdXS
Patatas Bravas #foodpics #foodgasm #foodstagram #nyceats #FEASTAGRAM #forkyeah #nyeats… https://t.co/tj553R2nqR
@heddalettucenyc presents Valley Of The Dolls !!! @ Village East Cinema https://t.co/dDDNGpn38i
Fried oyster with shaved bottarga, red slaw, and chipotle-mayo. #foodpics #foodgasm… https://t.co/ndLBJGFzRc
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/z9mD0k3Xay PAWS!
Hey, I made sexy Parmesan-poppy-sesame crackers... Served them with deviled ham… https://t.co/BGq5zDOWL1
Third Thanksgiving The CUTE is strong in @ofamadhausfrau 's pumpkin rolls. She's cooked up a… https://t.co/3wjVVV3hjQ
Roasted pear, gorgonzola, pine nuts, and a drop of Mike's hot honey on endive. My fave… https://t.co/Jz85bMIaeZ
Attack Of The SLABLOVAS!!!! Coconut Cardamon pavlova for a crowd! You'll never guess what's… https://t.co/i9rhMxRE0e
Sizzling Beef with Garlic Sauce #friendsgiving #instafood @ Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant https://t.co/lgSQkgVUkS
Stretching the strudel dough!!! https://t.co/wUb16gS9cz
Vera, The Strudel Queen (@veragusta), is beating the dough to stretch the protein fibers so she… https://t.co/4IG8xc9Jg7
Pregaming for strudel making class!!! (@ Sons of Thunder - @sotnyc in New York, NY) https://t.co/uex3nm4amF https://t.co/tkyu7Y66P7
All the colors! All the flavors! Wishing I was there right now so I could wrap myself in the… https://t.co/TeFi61Up6H
Fried chickening... (at @BobwhiteCounter in New York, NY) https://t.co/XTNGWtuXJg https://t.co/7cTaXM58Aq
Why does it feel like midnight at 6:30? Will fried chicken will make the daylight come back? https://t.co/gQ76esSukv https://t.co/Shqw9bSJOG
We drove three and a half hours for a breakfast of choice!!! Corned beef hash for the WIN!!!!… https://t.co/yxTCmZseU7
We came back for the Cambodian pancake! It's the chef's version of a dish her mom made back in… https://t.co/BhsKDJ0P7X
On the sale rack.... Who'd a thunk it? (@ Target in Ithaca, NY) https://t.co/iOV94Vwo3K https://t.co/OoJVqcgNSo
Stopping on the way to Rochester. First time staying in a strip mall... pretty sure. (@ Econo Lodge in Ithaca, NY) https://t.co/MUaheAa6lk

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