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Dental X-Rays Linked to Brain Tumors. http://t.co/f3Qc5osG http://t.co/o1cJ4lpp
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Enjoy a few treats this weekend & remember to take extra good care of those pearly whites. #Happy #Halloween!
Bad dental routines, bacteria, and diet may not be the only causes of #tooth #decay, but your #genetic #makeup too? http://bit.ly/c22Lxr
RT @GW_MFA: Stop by tomorrow to receive your seasonal flu vaccination - MFA Walk-In Flu Clinic, 3rd Floor South, 9-11am and 1:30-4pm!
This Halloween, avoid hard and chewy candy (lolipops, taffy, caramel), as they can stick to your teeth longer and... http://fb.me/CND2wu7u
RT @FoodUniversity: #Pumpkin carving - save the seeds.Rinse, sprinkle w/ salt, and bake at 325 F for 25 minutes. Add spices for flavor #news
Halloween is close! Who says you can't enjoy the candy? Simply portion & avoid the sticky treats. More sugar can lead to faster tooth decay.
Americans will spend close to $9 billion on candy this year alone! Most of that candy will be devoured around... http://fb.me/A3Cc1VYG
Here's a great recipe for organic toothpaste. Not only is it eco-friendly, it helps fight cavities & gum disease!... http://fb.me/xjQYqFQd
Dirty Mouth fact of the day: 48% of our adult population have gingivitis. Don't forget to floss people!
ABC News rates the best teeth-whitening products on the market. http://fb.me/I4jVmUGf
Dirty mouth? Here are a few natural remedies for bad breath! http://fb.me/MhteFkCD
Here's a fun read on the tooth fairy. How much $ do you leave your kids? http://fb.me/vxsQyPPe
Rinse. It can save you greater than $100,000 over the course of your lifetime. Seriously.
Xylitol, a sugar substitute used in sugar free gum, can be harmful (and even fatal) to dogs. Make sure to keep... http://fb.me/BRMZjS1K
According to AAP, 50 percent of people say a smile is the first feature they notice about someone. Make sure your... http://fb.me/LoCI5spM

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