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enjoyed every sec of #CoachellaLive on stream
One good deed today! And learned a new med woohoo
So gawddamn stupid
Murphy's Law. Happens to me EVERY time. Never misses. I'm unlucky.....
People sometimes ask, "why don't you take the initiative?" well, it's cuz I hate the feeling of being rejected
How-to: get what you want >> be thick-skinned and DON'T make eye contact if ur sneaking around
Kitchen flooded today, sink, dish-washer, drawers, and floor filled with dark blue water. It was disgusTING. Good apt-bonding thou.
Omgawd! Why am I such a failure<3
So confused.....
Who the eff used my nonstick frying pan AND SCRATCHED IT?!! ..who else. Whateves throwing it away now so the Primary cant scratch it no more
Sluggish laptop slowed to a crawl...it literally takes 10mins to startup/shutdown! ORZ
Good seeing old friends, but bad food/restaurant w/dangerous out-of-control fire flames.
Haven't used twitter for so long! Been a good summer of fun but now back to reality and im lost @_@
Feeling kinda delirious right now.....after a week of finals and 2-3hrs of sleep per night the whole week
Eryone's done wfinals alrdy..but me?! Im still starin@ a blank worddoc wondrn hwthehck ima churn out 12pgs of reasonable non-BS by 2nite FML
Grandma's 80th wooooot
Embarrassing ar
Smtms there's this awesome prsn whom uve kwn 4 a long time n was even close 2 but now u want to b close agn but just don't knw where 2 start

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Your average procrastinator who tends to always find ways to get distracted from homework, exams, and a lame school life.

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