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RT @Land_Line_Mag: #BOLO New alert posted for #stolen truck. http://t.co/rVK5E0vje4 * #Trucking #Theft #StolenTruck #ShowTruck * http://t.c…
RT @askthetrucker: Limits on truck drivers' hours roil industry http://t.co/xPceOIerFc via @usatoday
Video: Road fraud attempt in California to one of our friends and customers: http://t.co/dFiPge5e1L via @youtube
RT @Hammer_Lane: ATA sues FMCSA over HOS http://t.co/uc7VlH1p
An excellent breakdown of 2011 driver salaries by state and by load type. Compiled by TheTruckersReport site. http://t.co/o545AqeD
Listening to @danielaudet on TruckStar radio.
Reading @trucker2trucker. Tons of good info and a great site at www.trucker2trucker.com
Checking out at all of @emailokc pics from the Truck Show. Great stuff! Really enjoyed meeting him and @truckerdesiree this weekend.
just had a good chat with Kevin Rutherford.
met up with desiree at the vegas truck show.
Live from Vegas now on TruckStar radio (@danielaudet)
Heading to the Great West truck show in Vegas. Look for us reporting in on Friday on Daniel's show @danielaudet if time and schedule allows
Listening to @danielaudet on TruckStar radio (www.thetruckstar.com)
Doing tech support for a driver on the PC Miler Navigator GPS.
@arealredneck No audio. Got him on video though on Ustream.
@roadcookin Good show you guys!
@danielaudet Trying to deal with the "Monday calls" around here today. Lots going on with GPS stuff.
@danielaudet Signed into your show a few times in the last couple of weeks but was hitting you on all nights you weren't on-air I guess.
@danielaudet Go to your happy place man.
Met with NCC / Goodyear about the upcoming truck GPS product release from them. Checked it out a bit. The jury is still out on this one.

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