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RT @LDNLibraries: A drop of ink may make a million think. #ThursdayThoughts #LoveLibraries #LovetoRead
Ee By Gum Can Your Belly Touch Your Bum - #art #animation #yorkshire
Get off your horse and drink your milk
Ancient of moo moo
Today I'm pretending to be a curtain twitcher
Beth "blew my mind" Hart was amaze balls at Leeds Town Hall tonight 😀 - #bethhart #amazeballs
Watching George Michael & Mary J Blige in the video 'As' and imagining what it would've been like in a room full of…
The Grease Monkey - #art #abstract #digitalpainting
Jacket potato toe tea toe
Making a noise like a monkey in space as I've made some new artwork called "Space Monkey" - #art #neoexpressionism
Pearl and Dean theme tune sung in the style of a chicken
Singing the theme tune to Pearl and Dean in a chicken voice
On easy, cheesy, greasy, queasy beastly Beasley Street
@myway64 Ha ha ha
Plinkerty plonkety poo, my toes are almost blue
My invisible friend has fallen out with me again....she is a b*tch
The music got me like....
I've got homemade red lentil & carrot soup for dinner. Does anybody want to swap their dinner for mine? Preferably steak and chips or a pie
Northern Soul or 70's punk to throw me along to Monday dinner? .............Northern Soul

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Urban photographer and artist, contemporary online gallery of canvas wall art & prints.