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MarkSheet: a free HTML and CSS tutorial https://t.co/1D6J3H1ZZq via @jgthms
@drupalizeme @add1sun if you are looking for larger subscription base in Asia check the model and pricing followed by Netflix and Adobe CC..
Macs cost one-third as much as Windows PCs for companies to run, says IBM's IT guy https://t.co/66jIwhkRFL
Revealing Top Skills employers need most. https://t.co/g352PH3KfX via @LinkedIn
".. failure is an event, not their identity" nice reading ..knew about the event but learnt about Sisu .. https://t.co/051p44upUx
RT @BenLesh: Really cool slides showing CSS animations with #RxJS and CSS variables by @DavidKPiano (thanks @sarah_edo) https://t.co/0OAPgu…
RT @_jayphelps: redux-observable was ported to RxJava w/ kotlin lang by someone 😯 😯 https://t.co/SI016U4fd2
RT @BenLesh: #RxJS 5.0.0-rc.1 is out! 🎉 🎈🎉 🎈🎉🎈 🎉🎈 https://t.co/PSOsqTMYw0
“Show Up: Mind The Work” — Mercedes De Luca https://t.co/z7nEp3yTX4 https://t.co/znVLNp8ixF
Interesting read https://t.co/gjzmj7tE63
Google's AI can now learn from its own memory independently #via @ScienceAlert
How Google Improves User Experience with the HEART Framework https://t.co/F1aMusl5QA
RT @HarvardBiz: Along with fixing the sales culture, Wells Fargo has to address two critical management issues https://t.co/TSr8q60B81
RT @zachleat: customers are reporting production issues with our legacy codebase, can you take a look https://t.co/vaJfx7ywD5
pixel 5 features the new google phone https://t.co/XWtUhZPId1
Google Pixel Launch | Google Live Event | LIVE STREAM | +10 Google Pixel... https://t.co/pwH4VDXmzi via @YouTube
Interesting .. https://t.co/wKwjwVTdcg
“The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness” by @DariusForoux https://t.co/RaiBEK3C6v

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Web evangelist with 15+ yrs of IT exp. in Project Mgmt, J2EE, LAMP. Drupal, extjs, jquery,Flex, Web2.0, UX and usability.

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