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Day: a period of 24 hours beginning at midnight. Happy Dictionary Day, named to honor the birthday of American wordsmith Noah #Webster!
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt #WednesdayWisdom
“What separates the successful #entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” - Steve Jobs #WednesdayWisdom
Happy 240th Birthday to the United States Navy! #Navy
@Igor2tall you probably landed on one of our areas of service pages
@Igor2tall No I'm sorry we only have one location in Delaware, OH but we do ship there for free.
Coming soon a new website that will allow you to sell your shirts & raise money with no upfront cost. Find out more: http://t.co/W9CaiF86Tc
We just released our new online designer! You can now design your shirts from your iPad or iPhone. Check it out here: http://t.co/SEw42X33nz
New video tutorial just published on how to upload images in the Design Studio. You can watch it here: http://t.co/FzsiCkLlFr
Here's a new video tutorial on how to use Background Fills in our new Design Studio. You can watch it here: http://t.co/gK5WePM4un
Watch this video tutorial and learn how to use our pre-made custom design ideas. Watch it here http://t.co/2x8negVNTG http://t.co/fUStYXMT9L
Big changes are coming to our website very soon! We will be rolling out a new online designer, tons of new artwork options and a new layout!
All Over T-Shirt Printing - One way to break away from traditional t-shirt design is all-over printing. Read more: http://t.co/39AKMbdIFt
If you haven’t seen our blog yet, you’re missing out! Click here to read entries posted by our amazing staff members: http://t.co/pQnJsvOZgJ
Interested in knowing where and how we got our start? Read our “About Us” page here: http://t.co/LaDgVnI3Ke
Scroll through our handy catalog to see which products suit you best: http://t.co/NhTHoFr6i0
Need assistance while navigating through our website? Check out our extremely helpful support center: http://t.co/xdaKjuPkfl
We offer many custom products you can use to help promote your business. From key chains to notepads, we do it all: http://t.co/K0SGUIWYi8
Did you know that we also make banners? Click here to get started: http://t.co/4iGl7V0QZP
Win $100 off your next order by submitting a photo of your group T-shirts. Learn more here: http://t.co/RomKlSdWex

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