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Wears -
I got a shout out in the Baltimore Sun! Columbia Festival of the Arts - Baltimore Sun via @ArchiveDigger
What to do this Thursday: Trash Talk reception at Target Gallery. I'm in the show! @SocialInDC
I can only hope that someday my twitter feed will be used to discredit me.
Why do I love it so much that the woman sitting next to me has brought a selection of beautifully prepared snacks?
All set up at the Corcoran. The music has started and people are streaming in #corcorancimmunityday
Find me (and my WEARS) tomorrow at the Art Fair at the Community Day at the Corcoran | Corcoran Gallery of Art
At the Takoma Park Street Fest & I swear it's a bright sunny day. Must be some sort of weather bubble. (I may be exaggerating just a tad).
Blue. Cashmere. Sonny's Blues Cashmere Sweatercoat/Dress by by devilmademedoit via @Etsy
Yeah, the Super Mario theme song played on the xylophone is really only amusing the first through tenth times. After that: Tamara SMASH!
Home made mint chip ice cream, back on top.
@j_zimms Love these. And so easy to maintain!
I fed my seven-year-old ice cream for breakfast. It's that hot here.
I don't know what you People are trying to pull, but someone has apparently replaced the refreshing pool water with warm piss.
@j_zimms I haven't seen it yet. Pretty amazed at the destruction all around, though.
Grateful that we survived Blowmagedan pretty much unscathed.
And I thought driving in the DMV area was bad WITH stop lights. --Lucky to be alive
Dear Bolt Busers: "Lip smackin' good," is just an expression, not a directive.
I'm a sucker for the furry blue hands. @dkoss2 @artstarcraftbazaar

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